TTWA#3 Taking breakfast with in a foreign land

The thing that makes travelling so amazing is that I am there.  Other places are just someone’s home, someone’s daily grind.  What I am saying is I am different when I am travelling.  I am open, I am looking for new experiences, every stranger is truly a potential friend.  Or at least an enjoyable conversation.

Take that breakfast in Stanford, for example.  I woke in an empty dormitory, I think there were a dozen beds, maybe a few more, in various states of disarray.  I had arrived late the night before, very late, only a grizzly old man was there to show me to my bed.  I had used the toilet at the end of the dormitory then slipped into bed as quietly as I could.  I took in my surroundings, we each had little lockers next to our beds.  I put my document bag in the locker, along with my electronics – I wouldn’t need my phone until I needed to look for the next place to say.  And I wasn’t sure about the etiquette when it came to  camera’s and nudist resorts.  Yes, I was doing the most important thing to do when you are travelling, I was trying out something new.  I had an open mind, I would enjoy the experience.  It didn’t matter that I was a little out of shape.  I might be embarrassed for the first moment but then I would be fine.  I would enjoy my nudity.  I will be honest, I was not brave enough to step out completely naked.  I wrapped a sarong about my waist.  Silly thing, I am quite happy with the state of my lower half, and that was the half convention says men should cover up.  My upper half is characterised by flab and freckles on pudgy white skin.  My lower half is muscular with the right amount of hair.

I stepped out of the dormitory, it was in the loft of a beautiful thatched  cottage, the steps on the outside.  I surveyed the lush green lawn bathed in sunlight, a great place for sunbathing or sports.  On the one end was a BBQ with a fire pit and build in benches.  I almost laughed out loud at my imagined evenings drinking beer and wine with my new friends.   On the other end of the lawn was a swimming pond.  I laughed again at the sight of the swing hanging from the tree next to the pond.  It was the type of swing you find in those paintings in the galleries with women in voluminous clothing exposing a leg for the viewer.  How risque.  How amusing in a nudist resort.

I descended the stairs breathing the fresh air, thinking about the conversations I would have at the breakfast table.   I was planning to let others take the lead as I didn’t know quite what type of compliments were acceptable in such a place.

But all my imagined conversations remained in my imagination for when stepped into the breakfast room there was only a place for one.  Me.  All the others sleeping in the beds the night before had left at first light.  A long journey ahead of them, said the grizzly old man, who was as grizzly in the morning as he had been the night before.  So now I can say I have hung out at a nudist resort, but it ain’t a potful of experience as there were no other guests in all the time I was there.  Oh well.

artwork ideas: form and structure

I would like to explore the idea of bringing together painting and sculpture. in a joyous celebration of life, keeping in mind the tourist African art which uses found objects and the social networking themes I would like to explore.  Including the dysfunctional relationships that maintained by the distortions of online communication in which broadcasting is more important than listening.

TTWA#4 Time machine: where do you go, what do you do, how does it feel?

Do you remember when the wardrobe was a time machine?  When the most exciting thing was to be the Roman soldier the teacher had been wittering on about for the last week?  Well, the most exciting thing was to be able to boss your cousins because you knew what it was like in the Roman times and they didn’t.

Then the time machines, they became books, remember them?  Stories that transported you to places far away in time.

Now I cannot say I have been on a time machine, but I know that I remember things that I shouldn’t know.  Like reading a story and thinking, interesting that is how you thought it was because I don’t feel just that.  And real things, I was riding down the street on my bike this afternoon thinking what a beautiful day it was for cycling.  At the shop I had had a stilted conversation about it being a beautiful day for cycling but the conversation had become boring when the sales assistant asked about drinking water.  Yes, I have a water bottle, no it isn’t hard to drink on the bike, yawn.  I assure you I am an old lech, yes, on a bike I enjoy all the women in their summer outfits.  Cycling today I noticed a young woman walking her dog wearing a very light vest top that left little to the imagination.  And I remembered the curve of her breast, I remembered running my hand along her side from the nape of her neck over the top of her breast down curving out then in then out round her hip.  I remember thinking about her pubic hair, trimmed but not shaved.  I remember my hand dropping as I drift away leaving her to enjoy her relaxing.  Relaxing, she must have been sunbathing in her back garden, or lying on her bed after taking a shower, sometimes it is difficult to remember more the whole scene.  Sunbathing or showering is what you do on a hot day like this.  And as I drift away I look back at her I see her smiling at me, but she wasn’t really looking at me, she is smiling at a memory of my touch.

See, that is what a time machine is really like, not dials and levers or gyroscopes spinning or whirring sounds.   Time machines are a state of mind, it is accepting those moments of deja vu and remembering the impossible source , the time travel moments.

I am training my mind to time travel more.

TTWA: Things to Write About

artwork ideas: fist with ice cream

I would like to create a series of artworks exploring the idea of fighting depression with endorphin inducing behaviour such as masturbating or eating ice cream.

The series would look at the male midlife crisis, the point in which the man realises he is not the success he aspired towards but instead of buying the motorbike he starts sinking towards depression, though he never gets quite there as he distracts himself with masturbation and eating ice cream.

TTWA#2 Mrs Tin Bakes twenty magic pies every day

Bunny carefully loaded her fork with the delicate mango pie, slid it through the pool of cream and lifted it to her mouth.  Heaven, she thought as the wonderful blend of flavours rolled languidly across her tongue.  Slowly, slowly she dug into the crispy pastry.   Magic, she thought, but she didn’t know how magic the pies were.  The mad old buzzard, Mrs Tin rattling about in her mansion with her troupe of rabbit, had hit upon the magic by accident.  If Mrs Tin had been a business woman she would have marketed it as a love potion and made her fortune, until they banned her for selling mood changing drugs.  Yes, Mrs Tin’s pies were as potent as ecstasy tinged with the imagination of acid.  The pie transported Bunny to a place where true love was not just possible, it was likely.  As the active ingredients steeped into Bunny’s bloodstream her body began to tingle, her skin bristled with goose pimples but she felt warm, a deep warmth.  A warmth between her legs and a tingle on her nipples.  In the intensity of the moment she found one hand roving over her body as the other loaded her fork with more of the delicate mango pie.  She let out a little whimper as she swallowed another mouthful.  Another forkful.  Another forkful.  Now in wanton greed she filled her moth before the last was swallowed.  Her body was on fire,  she leaned her head back, closed her eyes and allowed her body to tense, contract, release.  Her left hand pinched her nipple.  Hard.  Her right hand had pushed up her skirt, pushing against her pubic bone as if it were another body pressing into her.

She became aware of where she was, she let her left hand casually drop away from her breast as she breathed deeply while surveying the room.  The tea room was full but no one was looking at her, they were looking out the big windows.  Looking out at the misty seascape, not quite stormy enough for a painting.  Her right hand gently stroked up and down reminding her body of the orgasmic sensations Mrs Tin’s pie had given her.

With a post orgasmic sigh she left a generous tip under the empty bowl and wearily stepped into the dark winter afternoon to make her way back to the office, back to her worries of failing businesses in an ageing seaside resort.

TTWA – Things To Write About are ideas to challenge and practise writing skillsTTWA: Things to Write About

WORD#021 describe a dream you remember

I have to say I was not sure where I was going but it didn’t matter.  It was not like that moment I was walking past the library and I completely forgot where I was going and for days worried I was getting dementia.  No, this time I wasn’t thinking about the destination, it was probably on my way home, I would realise when I was there.  This time I was thinking about the heat.  It was hot, real sweaty hot.  I could feel the sweat on my back, sticking my shirt to my back.  I smiled at the woman coming towards me, she was fine to look at.  She wore a short summer dress, of a very thin material, so thin it was clear she was not wearing a bra underneath.  She smiled at me but there was something wrong with the smile, something about the smile that said don’t talk to me.  I am only smiling out of politeness, because you caught my eye when I looked at you.  I only looked because you are weird, freak.   So I didn’t talk to her but I did carry on smiling.  I carried on smiling because I realised I had found the solution to the weather.  It was just like when I sleep in bed, I wear a t-shirt to draw the sweat away from my body but I wear no bottoms because a cool bum is a cool me.

TTWA – Things To Write About are ideas to challenge and practise writing skills

WORD: Written to ORDer

So, to become a great guitarist you need ten thousand hours of practise… this is my starting on ten thousand hours of writing.  Some of these will be worthwhile diversions, why not try one out.

WORD#001 You find a message in a bottle, what does it say?

WORD-002: An elderly couple stop you in the street and say you are just perfect for the job… (25 words)

WORD-003: In a neighbourhood of beige and grey houses is a single bright blue house, who lives there? {25 words)

WORD-004: The king shows up on your doorstep… (25 words)

WORD-005: Write a story including a streetlight, a bear and a kid with a jar of honey. (100 words)

WORD-006: Astronauts land on a planet with the most amazing light, write about their adventures exploring the new planet. (100 words)

WORD-007: A group of students are hiking when they come across a nest with a golden eggs, at that moment one hatches… (25 words)

WORD-008: You’re in the middle of a coffee shop when time grinds to a halt, describe the scene.  (25 words)

WORD-009: You find the end of the rainbow… (25 words)

WORD-010: Write about something you hate to love.  (50 words)

WORD-011: One morning Jessica wakes up and realises she is magnetic.  (50 words)

WORD-012: Geoff scored the winning goal and was carried off the field by his team mates, you get to interview him.  (100 words)

WORD-013: Describe a situation where you feel very uncomfortable.  (50 words)

WORD-104: All the glass in the world has disappeared. (50 words)

WORD-015: You meet a girl who, when she closes her eyes, can see the entire universe.  Tell us about this girl. (25 words)

WORD-016: The cardboard box took up half of the room… (25 words)

WORD-017: There were pancakes everywhere.  (25 words)

WORD-018: You realise your crush is following you home, what do you do? (25 words)

WORD-019:  You find out your neighbour’s brick house is actually made of painted books.  Which one do you read, what happens when you take it? (100 words)

WORD-020: You watch an old move and realise it is about you.  (100 words)

WORD#021: Describe a dream you remember (50 words)

WORD-022: Describe trying to remember a dream (50 words)

WORD-023: A light in your backyard gets brighter and brighter and brighter until for a moment you are blinded by three flashes.  What causes the flashes and how do they affect you?  (50 words)

WORD-024: What does your dog to when you’re away?  Does it go on adventures or guard the house?  If it sleeps, what does it dream about? (50 words)

WORD-025: He dodged the fish and swam fast… (25 words)

WORD-026: List 5 names that would be perfect for an evil villain (why). (25 words)

WORD-027: You see a picture of yourself in a newspaper.  It says you have disappeared.  What is going on? (25 words)

WORD-028: Two people get stuck on a roller coaster ride together.  What do they talk about?

WORD-029: Congratulation!  You’re a teacher now and can teach any class you want.  What would the students do in the class, what homework would they get and what would they need to do to pass? (100 words)

WORD-030: Write a guide book to a place you’ve been to ONLY in stories. (100 words)

WORD-031: When was the first time you left your hometown?  Where did you go and with whom? What was the same, what was different? (50 words)

WORD-032: Congratulations!  You’ve won a trip to Mars.  The rocket leaves in a few days; what will you pack? (50 words)

WORD-033: What’s something you can do better than anyone else you know?  White a how-to guide about your area of expertise. (100 words)