How I met my wife

London 98

My life was drifting along gently pulled by the current that is time. It was as if I was reclining in a hammock bemused by events slipping from view. This was the quiet contemplation I had hoped for in my old age, not at 32!

My twenties had had a drum and bass soundtrack. A constant aggressive beat of work, talk, drink, play, go, go, go. I was an achiever, on my thirtieth birthday I had a new job as a senior marketing manager with a fantastic list and a beautiful girlfriend. Sure we had difficulties but that is what happens when you have been with someone for five years.

Three weeks later she moved out, no ultimatums, no trial separation: a clean slate is what she wanted. Two months later I learned she had moved in with my then best friend. Two years later I needed a jolt to stop the drift, something to force me to take action, take control; that something happened the holiday I met my wife.

Nathan became my best friend after my break up. When long term relationships end, friends choose which side to be on. Nathan chose my side while his wife, Lydia, chose her side. This gave him the unique position of being able to sympathise with me while providing information about what she was doing.

As I write this story I can see with ten years of hindsight that Nathan had two vital parts in getting my life back on track after that break up. Firstly, I needed detail of what she was doing: a depressing downward spiral of comparisons between me and her new man that crushed foolish hope of reconciliation. Secondly, he invited me to join his family holiday at a friend’s villa in the south of France.

The Villa

The villa was magnificent with three floors of rooms facing front and back and an additional wing with rooms and kitchen. It had a striking aged beauty. It had been constructed with the finest materials and was in a good state of repair but because it was a second residence it was sparsely furnished had an earthy plainness to it.

Nathan, Lydia and I had taken two days to drive from London, over-nighting in a hotel in Alençon. It had been a lovely day for driving through the stunning scenery of central France. When we arrived we were hot and tired so Nathan suggested we leave unpacking for later and go straight round to the pool. I followed behind the couple not sure what would be waiting for us, I was in for a pleasant surprise.

The Pool

The pool was nothing less than an oasis in the summer heat. Nathan and Lydia stripped down to their underwear and dived in. I was left stranded at the edge of the oasis trying to gather all that lay before me but the truth was I was only looking at one woman. She had been reclining on a sun lounger when we arrived and had stood to greet us. She was completely naked and stood without an inkling of embarrassment. This was the first time I had met someone completely comfortable with their body and totally open in their approach to others. Somehow her boldness made me feel at ease standing staring at her, normally I would have turned away or averted my gaze when confronted by nudity.

She was watching Nathan and Lydia in the pool so I took the opportunity to scan down and absorb the vision of her fine physique. Her whole body had a beautiful balance to is: slim legs and waist, pert breasts and fine facial features were complemented by her striking poise. It was the kind of poise you only get through intense training in something like gymnastics, or, I thought to myself, dance. As I was appreciating the sight of being welcomed by a naked beauty my mind was having visions of her dancing the Flamenco wearing a flowing red dress while cavorting with the young Javier Bardem.

“Let me introduce you to everyone.” My face instantly went red with embarrassment. I had been gawking like a teenage boy. I hadn’t even scanned the pool area to see who else was there before I started fantasizing about the naked woman. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I turned to face the voice and found Lily, Nathan’s sister. I recognised Lily from photographs but had not met her before. I held up my hands in an involuntary little waving gesture and took in a breath.

“You look hot, perhaps you would like a drink. We have Pimm’s.” She turned to walk towards a table in the shade. I was rooted to the spot, I watched her feet for a moment before I was brave enough to raise my eyes. I noticed how fantastic her bum was as she stood at the table pouring me a drink. She was wearing a retro seventies bikini which covered above and below her bum but the modern material followed every curve leaving nothing to the imagination. When she leaned to reach for a glass on across the table her sex was momentarily outlined.

My eyes followed up her body as she stood upright again to here golden hair and for a moment I imagined her hair slipping through my fingers as I leaned in to kiss her neck while my hands roamed down to her sex.

Lily put a drink in my one hand took my other hand to lead me about.

“I think you have already noticed Edna”, Lily’s voice had a gentle lyrical quality which added to the lightness of the tease, “she is very noticeable.”

When Edna spoke she had a commanding, even demanding edge to her voice. All she said was hi and gave a smile that let me know she got what she wanted, and what she wanted was me. I wanted to stay and talk by Lily led me away.

Next Lily introduced me to Jemimah. She was seated at a table strewn with drawings, pencils, scissors and all manner of creative things kids use. Jemimah wore a sarong wrapped about her breasts. It allowed one of her legs to show provocatively. She was certainly topless below the sarong, I wondered if she had been as naked as Edna and pulled on the sarong when she heard our car pull up.  I was captivated by her by her leg. I imagined it folding about me, bringing me closer into a carnal embrace. I imagined the gentle curve of her elegant toes reaching up to tickle the hairs on my legs while her thighs parted welcoming me closer. This place, these women, I was getting hornier by the minute.

A short silence let me know that I had been caught out daydreaming again. I started getting red again. Jemimah mistook my embarrassed silence and began explaining that the things at the table belonged to the children, not her. I happily went along with this mistake asked about the children: “Are they with their dads?” I had noticed there were no men at the pool.

Jemimah laughed: “no, the kids are getting their dinner with the adults, Lily’s parents. None of the dads are about. This is all girls out to have fun.” She was definitely flirting with me, I wanted to sit down but Lily was moving to the pool so I followed giving Jemimah a conspiratorial smile.

The thought of meeting a woman with the same name as the Disney mermaid in a pool still makes me smile, although being in a pool was all Ariel had in common with the mermaid. I was immediately captivated by the dark skinned beauty luxuriating at the edge of the pool. Her voice was soft and breathy and when she leaned back and pushed away from the edge her curvy body and beautiful large breasts made me think of Marilyn Monroe.  She was topless and the water gave extra buoyancy to her breasts letting her dark nipples float above the surface.  I don’t know if I said anything intelligent to her, my mind was racing with thoughts of taking those delightful nipples into my mouth, pulling and teasing them erect and running my hands about her breasts. Her breasts were waiting for my touch. All those thousands of nerve endings waiting for the little erotic messages that my gentle massaging, licking, nibbling and sucking would give to set her body alight with pleasure. Women’s bodies are all different; each body must be treated with the reverence it deserves. I imagined Ariel’s body responding to me, tensing and releasing, her hands reacing for me, her eyes smiling at me.

My reverie was broken by Nathan calling me to sort out our things. We collected our bags from the car and took them inside. In the kitchen we found Nathan’s mum and dad feeding fish fingers, mash and beans to three girls and a boy. The kids all looked the same age, about five or six. I thought this was strange but Nathan explained that his sister had met the three friends at antenatal classes.

His mum told us which rooms to take and we parted to unpack. I stood at my bed thinking this was going to be a brilliant holiday, and boy was I right.


I had taken my shirt off and was standing next to my bed when interrupted by Edna’s voice saying: “Nice.”

I spun about to see her silhouetted in my doorway, the light from behind her allowed me to see a perfect outline of her body covered only by a sarong. Was she talking about me of the room?

“Touché” I countered, feeling pleased with myself for coming up with an appropriate response.

“Tonight I am preparing dinner,” she said to me, “we each have a turn. If you help me tonight with my turn I will help you with your turn.”

She smiled her easy smile that let me know she was telling me what to do not asking me what I wanted to do. And she was right, I jumped at the chance to try to impress her, after all I am quite good in the kitchen.

Things went well in the kitchen, the conversation flowed like we were already friends. Edna was in control of all the details, as I had expected. She didn’t really need a helper. I took every chance to compliment her, she liked it most when I noticed how organised she was. When the chance to demonstrate what I was saying about tomato, mozzarella and basil salad arose I came very close behind her and reached my arm about her waist. I held her hand to direct it in the movements I was suggesting. She leaned back onto me. I was transfixed by her raw woman smell, the real smell of a woman that isn’t disguised by perfumes. It was a clean pure smell that led me into thinking about her sex. Thinking about what she would taste like to kiss, what she would taste like to devour.

Before my thoughts could progress her daughter, Ruth, appeared at the door saying it was story time. Edna leaned back on me and turned so her face was close to mine: “Can you finish up the salad for me?” She put her finger on my lips and continued: “We can carry on this conversation after dinner.” I didn’t know much about mothers then but I remember thinking: wow, she let her daughter know she was flirting with me.

Dinner was taken on the kitchen wing porch at a long table with benches on both sides. I sat at the end next to Edna as we were serving the food. The evening was filled with laughter and wine. Nathan’s dad seemed to be the centre of a lot of the conversation. It was evident he had enjoyed having the attention of all the women in the previous evenings. Whenever I looked at Edna she seemed to be smiling at me. I had the feeling that all I needed to do was let her take the lead and I would be following her to delight and pleasure.

Edna had chosen an Italian theme to the meal. We started by serving bruschetta, individual portions of two slices of toast cut from leftover baguettes garnished with spicy tomato and fresh parsley. The salad was put on the table at the same time as the main course which was fresh pasta Edna cooked while I cleared the first course. It was served with a truffle and cream sauce we had made earlier with shiitake, chanterelle and chestnut mushrooms Edna had bought from the market earlier that day.

At the end of the meal some people helped clear up, others stayed in their seats drinking and talking. Edna took my hand and without a word talked with me around the villa to the pool.

“Come swim with me,” she said at the pool, “It’s only fair, after all I stopped you swimming earlier by dragging you into the kitchen.”

She slipped the summer dress she was wearing off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground. The side of the pool we were standing was lit by light coming from the house. I glanced down to take in the sight of her beautiful naked body, she hadn’t been wearing any underclothing.

She reached across to me and took hold of my shirt: “We don’t need these, do we?” she asked with a questioning smile. She read acceptance in my return smile and lifted my shirt above my head. I was feeling excited now, I was being undressed by a naked beauty in a little corner of paradise. I wondered if she had noticed my shorts were bulging a little more than they had before. I reached my hand towards her but stopped as it is difficult to know how to touch a naked women.

“A little more help, I think”, she murmured looking up into my eyes before stepping slightly to my left and slipped my remaining clothes off so I was standing naked with a rising cock.

She turned gracefully and dived into the pool. She rose out of the water, rolled onto her back and beckoned me in. I didn’t need more invitation than this, I was feeling exposed and wanted to cover my excitement in the water. I was excited but I was still worried that I was reading the signs incorrectly.

In the water I followed her to the shallow end which was much darker so I could barely make out her glorious body. I didn’t need to worry about not seeing her as I would very soon be touching her.

She took my face in her hands and said: “I want to give you a proper holiday welcome.” Then she gently kissed me on my lips. Yes, things were going to happen.

She turned and walked up the steps of the pool, the little light there was at this end of the pool glistened and shimmered on her body. The way she walked gave her the appearance of having a curvy, buxom figure even though she was slim. She lay back on the same sun lounger she had been on when I arrived, turned her head to me and dropped the leg closest to me to the floor invitingly. I no longer cared if I was reading the signs correctly. I stepped out of the water with a hard on, walked across to her and knelt down at the fallen leg.  It is much easier being bold in the dark.

I let the tips of my fingers on my right hand rest gently on the top of her foot. I ran my fingers up her leg, letting the touch venture onto the inside of her leg until I paused on the inside of her knee. I started my fingers moving again up her thigh making directly to plunder her pussy that was waiting open and invitingly for me, but as I got closer to those glorious lips of pleasure I veered way avoiding her pubic area completely. I continued to travel my fingers up her body, running them over her soft, flat stomach until they collided with the base of her breasts. I ran my index finger along the curve at the bottom of her right breast and across to her left breast before letting my palm brush back over both her breasts rubbing each nipple as it passed. The touch of her stiff little nipples excited me so much I rolled my hand over and dragged the back of my hand across her breasts again.

I raised my other hand to cup her breasts and leaned my head down to take the nipple closest to me in my mouth. As I took it into my mouth I felt, and heard, her take a little gasping breath and she lifted her hand to play with my hair. I gently took the erect nipple between my teeth and lightly tugged it. She was getting very excited now, I think her eyes were closed but it was difficult for me to tell in the dark. Her body was rising to me and her hand furthest from me reached down to her pussy. I let go of the nipple and started flicking it with my tongue. I could hear the wet sound of her fingers penetrating her pussy and the scratchy sound of her palm rubbing against her pubic hair as she was working on her clit. Instead of diving down to pay attention to the area her fingers were working on I moved across to her other nipple that was at the same state of erection as the one I had been playing with. I sucked it and flicked it with the tip of my tongue.

Her nipples were obviously very sensitive because the attention I was giving her along with the work her finger were doing soon brought her to orgasm. She was obviously used to coming loudly because when her orgasm burst onto her she put her fist into her mouth and bit down, she made no noises that could have drifted back to the house.

I lifted my head to watch the final contortions as her orgasm ebbed away.

“Mmn, thank you,” she purred, “it has been a while since it was as good as that.”

I wondered about that while I smiled at her. I imagined a woman as forthright, as brazen as Edna didn’t have any trouble getting sexual satisfaction. I admired her confidence in seeking out what she wanted and going for it.

“Now, my sweet thing, I am sorry but that is all I can do today.”

She paused, perhaps waiting for me to say something then continued: “You have met my Ruthie, she knows I have men friendsq but she is always my number one so I make no promises for tomorrow. Or the future.”

I hadn’t expected a talk quite this serious but, as I have already mentioned, I hadn’t been with a yummy mummy before. I wasn’t sure if she was saying this was a one-off, or if she was asking me to make friends with her daughter. I smiled, leaned in to kiss her lightly. I ran my fingers down her face before turning without a word and stepping then diving into the pool I hoped I did it with as much grace as she did when she had dived in ten minutes before.

In my bed a few hours later I relieved the pressure, stroking my cock as I relived my memories at the pool. Memories from both the afternoon and the evening.


The sunshine had long been sneaking past the blinds when I woke the next day. I lingered in bed listening to the quiet noises from the kitchen and the distant noises of children at the swimming pool. My last thoughts before I had fallen asleep were of Edna’s sexy body and my first thoughts of the new day were of how my eyes, fingers and lips had taken in every contour and crevice, every curve and mound of her glorious body. My memories lingered on her poise and grace in movement, her brazen and honest approach to asking for what she wanted. And, most of all, the intensity of her response to my touch: when my fingers and lips touched her she had dissolved in pleasure. I imagined my day was pretty sorted. I would laze about the pool, taking any chance I had to talk to Ruth. I’d never tried to impress a five year old before but it seemed to be what Edna wanted. And what Edna wanted, as far as I was concerned, Edna got.

My second day on holiday turned out very differently from my plan. When I did get up I found a very quiet house. I got a coffee in the kitchen before wandering out to find Edna and Ruth, and the others, of course. At the pool were Lily, Jemimah and four children. Jemimah looked up at me, saw the confusion on my face, smiled and said: “Ah, maybe you are looking for Nathan. He’s gone to Perigueux with all the others on a wine tasting adventure.” OK, my plans weren’t too spoiled as Ruth was here.

“You’ll have me today,” She continued, “At breakfast Edna said how good you are with your hand.” My mind started racing: was she really saying the girls had a plan to share my sexual services over the holiday. I was not sure if I was pleased with being their sex object or distressed by it. “I’m cooking tonight so I was hoping you would be able to come to the local market after lunch, then help me in the kitchen later.”

I settled down with my book thinking I would work out how to get in with Ruth later. I was just getting to grips with the intricate details of how events had taken control of the main character when Jemimah called me.

We walked the couple miles to the market. The conversation flowed easily as it does when you are relaxed and happy and on holiday. We joked about how I was simply her packhorse there to carry the food home. And then I would be her kitchen boy there to chop veges and clear up. We laughed at a particularly strange looking set of cows.

We joked about the locals sitting in the shade and I think they were laughing at us walking in the heat. We didn’t mind the heat as the road we walked down was tree-lined as is common in the south of France.

As we approached the town the conversation turned more serious. We talked about the “fabulous four”, as she referred to herself and her three friends. She talked about how they had shared their journey from becoming mums until this holiday. She reminisced about their coffee mornings discussing the trials and joys of breastfeeding. She revealed how each of their partners had left or been chased away. She spoke gently and strongly of how the three girls had been her foundation while all her plans crumbled about her.

Her gentle strength and determination to do the best for her child left me in awe of how these women managed when all was crumbling about them. It put in perspective my break-up two years earlier. I had wallowed in my sadness instead of taking hold of opportunities with both hands and dragging myself into the future as these four women had done.

We stopped by a stream while she talked and I rested my hand on her arm. I rested it there as a comforting gesture but when my finger tips touched her skin a little electricity jumped between us and I wanted to touch her so much more. I ran my fingers along her arm and the conversation paused for a moment. We both stared into each other’s eyes. I remember her eyes turning from the troubled eyes recalling her past to the enticing eyes reflecting the twinkling smile that was creeping onto her lips. We waited too long in that position: I should have leaned in to kiss her. The moment passed and with a laugh we continued to the market.

At the market and later in the kitchen the electric touched continued as did the laughter. I have clearly etched in my mind the way her whole face lit up when she laughed at one of my jokes. She laughed longest when I tried to show off my skills of opening oysters. It took me a while to get it right, a friend had once showed me where to put my oyster knife but when he was about I had never had to open more than two or three at a time. We served the oysters with chopped onion in balsamic vinegar followed by a mushroom risotto made with fresh shitake, chanterelle and button mushrooms from the market.

Probably purchased from the same market stall Edna had visited the day before. Like the day before I was sitting at the end of the table, but this time with Jemimah. I remember at one point in the meal realising my intentions had moved from Edna to Jemimah. It was simply in a moment when I looked up and saw Edna smiling at me, smiled back but didn’t engage her in conversation. As I turned back to Jemimah I knew I was now chasing her.

After dinner I asked Jemimah if she wanted to go round to the pool. She said she first needed to pup up to her room to see if Magdalene, her daughter, was settled; so we went into the house leaving the others to clear the table, pack the dishwasher and finish their drinks.

Magdalene was as peacefully sleeping as she had been when put to bed two hours earlier. I whispered to Jemimah: “wanna go skinnydippin’?”

At the pool Jemimah smiled at me before turning to the pool. She stood with her back to me the light gently falling past me from the house behind us. She let the summer dress that I had been watching her in all day slip off her shoulders. It slipped down to a little crumple on the floor revealing her sleek golden back standing tall and proud. A slow V tapering down from her slender shoulders to the curves that drifted out over her hips. Her legs completed the V silhouette as her one foot was in front of the other. She must have known how desirable she looked in this position and I am sure she was posing for my enjoyment. I stood waiting for her to slip the white, almost luminescent, panties down, I was holding my breath waiting for the sight of her glorious buttocks but she took a step forward and dived into the pool. When she bobbed up she had her panties in her hand, she threw them at me saying: “Come on!”

I quickly stripped off my clothes, nearly tripping over my shorts as I tried to step towards the pool before they were completely off. She swam away from me as I approached her. I gave chase wanting to impress her with my speed, my manliness. Near the other side she stopped suddenly and turned to face me and we collided. I bumped her shoulder pushing her backwards so that her bum landed on the shallow step and her breast brushed my chest.

I reached out my hand behind her to stop her falling backwards and our faces were suddenly nearly touching. This time I took no chance of missing my opportunity, I leaned towards her mouth until our lips were touching. She tasted like oysters and risotto mixed with her musky womanhood that was so very sensual and exciting. Her response was only a moment in coming, her lips parted welcoming me, reaching for me. I felt her body shiver with the excitement of our ouch, the whole day had been building to this moment and the moment delivered the excitement we had both been hoping for.

I was still drifting slightly in the water towards Jemimah but she was firmly sitting on the underwater step so our kiss only lasted a second before I bumped into her ending our kiss in a delightful way. I gently pushed her backwards my naked body bumping gently against her naked body. It was only when my stiff cock brushed her thigh that I worried about possibly taking things too quickly but there was nothing I could do to stop my erection from pressing against her inner thigh and pushing up towards her pussy. I needn’t have worried about taking things too quickly as became very apparent in the next few moments.

She leaned her head away from me in the direction I was pushing her and lifted her hands up to my sides. She pushed me to the side so I spun around until I was sitting on the step and she was at my side. She brought her leg over mine and leaned in to kiss me. I had to try hard to concentrate on kissing her as I was drawn to thinking about her pussy now hovering over my cock. I wanted her to think I was not pushing her to do anything she didn’t want to do.

She started teasing my cock by easing her hips down until the top of my cock touched her succulent lips. She then lifted her body away from me again and I reached up and swished water passed her breasts causing them to rise a little in the water. I caught hold of both her breasts in my hands and brought one of her full nipples to my mouth. I sucked hard waiting for her reaction to tell me I was doing the right thing. I swapped to a licking action but was not sure what Jemimah preferred. A moment later she moved her breasts away from my mouth and returned her pussy to tease my cock, but this time she let the head of my penis slip so it was almost enclosed by her juicy lips.

She paused with my cock neither in nor out of her pussy. She stared into my eyes with great intensity as if she was assessing my credentials. I held her gaze trying to reply with my eyes that I wanted her. Telling her how desperately excited I was about entering her.

She pressed down gently on my cock and I tightened my bum muscles to meet her until my pubic bone pressed against her. Her pussy was so wet there hadn’t been a moment of friction as my cock slipped into her tight, snug pleasure palace of excitement. She wiggled and ground her clitoris down on me before gradually sipping back up my shaft and coming down as slowly.

Then we heard the others.

They were coming to the pool. There was no way I was going to stop now. I placed my hands on the glorious curves of her hips and held her body still while I raised my cock up into her, again and again. I looked over her shoulder and saw Lily, Edna and Ariel coming to the pool I slowed down slightly to stop the splashing sounds but continued to gently stroke my cock into and out of Jemimah’s pussy.

Lily and Edna started stripping and I stopped my movement leaving my cock fully inside Jemimah. Lily stripped quickly, discarding all her clothing before diving naked into the pool, her light skin glowing in the light coming from behind her. Edna too stripped naked allowing me to catch another glimpse of the body I had worshiped only the night before.

Ariel came right to the edge of the pool and looked directly at me and Jemimah. She must have been able to make out in the dark shadows what we were doing because she smiled and nodded. Then without taking her eyes off me she started unbuttoning her blouse to reveal the white bra she was wearing. I couldn’t break away from the look she was holding me by as she opened her shirt to reveal her fine dark stomach. She unbuttoned her shorts revealing white panties that matched the bra she was wearing. Still she had not taken her eyes off me and I had not taken mine off her. She rolled her shorts over her hips till they fell to the ground. She dropped back her blouse so she was standing with only the white fabric of her underwear bright against her dark skin. She reached behind her, released the clasp and let the weight of her large breasts push the bra away from her shoulders and drop in front of her.

I could feel my cock inside Jemimah and I was captivated by the striptease Ariel was giving me across the pool, what a strange ménage-a-trios. Ariel didn’t strip naked but instead, while maintaining her gaze into my eyes, she slipped her right hand into the front of her panties. I watched her fingertips create shadows as they pushed through her pubic area in search of the opening to her pussy. I was so excited I was holding my breath.

The magic was broken by Edna splashing Ariel asking if she was coming in.

Edna turned to follow Ariel’s gaze, saying: “Hey, you guys, I didn’t know you were here.”

Jemimah turned away from me and went to splash Lily. I wallowed at the edge of the pool waiting for my excitement to subside.


After the swim we all went back to the house to sip wine and exchange tales of the day and the holiday. A couple hours later the gradual drift to bed started with Nathan and Lydia followed shortly after by Edna then Lily leaving me with Jemimah, who I could still feel on my cock, and Ariel, who had just given me a knockout sexy striptease when she realised I she had walked in on me and Jemimah fucking. I figured I was in with both of these women and as I sat at that table sipping my wine I was desperately trying think of things to say that would keep my options open. My discomfort was short-lived as Lily returned saying Magdelene was crying. Jemimah said goodnight and gave me a slow and intense stare with a gentle nod that let me know I would be welcome to visit her bedroom when all was quiet upstairs.

I thought yes, a chance to talk to Ariel on her own, a chance to feel the lay of the land and see if there was a chance of taking it further with her. Ariel had other plans, she said: “I’m off to bed too, and if you want to take what was started at the pool further you know you are welcome.”

I sat for five minutes trying to work out the dilemma. Was Ariel telling me I was welcome in her bed, or was she telling me I would be welcome in Jemimah’s bed. I felt a strong urge to go to Ariel’s bed as I found the audacity of trying to seduce a man who was actually in the act of fucking someone else a massive turn on. I was attracted to Jemimah by her strength and to Ariel by her sexuality. I chose my plan of action when I had convinced myself that if I was mistaken in Ariel’s goodnight message that I would be able to laugh it off and still go to Jemimah after Magdalene was settled.

I crept up to Ariel’s door, it was ajar. I was about to press my hand against the door when I saw Ariel’s silhouette against the open window. I watched her for a moment and realised she was half way through the same striptease she had performed for me at the pool earlier. She had already dropped her shorts and blouse and was undoing her bra. I couldn’t see her what her hands were doing but I was certain from the shape of her silhouette that she had slipped a hand into her panties. Her hand came back up to her mouth and she turned her head to show me licking her finger in profile. She placed her hands on her hips and rolled her panties down her legs. I pushed the door open a little more and she took a half step towards me leaving her panties behind.

I walked the short distance to her and opened my mouth to talk but she silenced me with a finger on my lips. I smiled and she ran her finger down my body towards my crotch but turned back at the last moment to take off my shirt. She spread both her hands out over my chest and rubbed up and down my body until her fingertips had slipped under the elastic of my shorts. She slipped everything down to my ankles as quickly as I had stripped everything at the poolside earlier with Jemimah.

She made no attempt to stand up but instead took my cock in her mouth. My cock was instantly hard, turned on by the thought of Ariel tasting Jemimah’s pussy on my cock. That may have been the sexiest moment in my life, it still makes me hard thinking about it. I remember wanting to push Ariel back roughly and drive my cock into her hard and quick but it was a moment to savour so I concentrated on the feelings in my cock. I enjoyed her mouth running up and down my shaft and the touch of her tongue licking the base of my cock and the pleasure of her taking each of my balls into her mouth in turn.

It was not long before she stood and took my hand. She led me to the single bed. A shaft of light shone through the window onto the bed, I liked the idea of being able to see this beautiful woman as we made love. She lay down on her tummy allowing my eyes to wander down her back to her full bottom. I rested my hand on her back, the shaft of light from the window highlighting the difference in the light tones of my hand and the dark tones of her skin falling away into the shadows. I ran my fingers down her back until they rose up her buttocks. She lifted her bum and parted her legs slightly letting me know she wanted me sample her deep pleasures as she was lying. I climbed onto the bed placing my knees on the outsides of her legs and I rested my cock on the small of her back. I wriggled backwards dragging my balls back over her bum until my cock dropped down towards her pussy. I slid a thumb down to gently probe below my cock and was pleased to feel how moist her pussy was. I inserted my thumb until the first knuckle then withdrew it and ran the wet thumb round her pussy lips before placing the head of my penis against them.

I paused again to take in the contrast of the light skin of my cock and the dark skin of her bountiful arse.

I loved watching my cock slip into her pussy while I felt the pressure of her pussy enclosing my cock. I leaned forward to rest my stomach against her bum so my cock would bend deeply into her. I loved the feelings in my cock in that position as my cock wiggled in her pussy with each thrust in and out. The different parts of my cock rubbing against different sides of her pussy in each stroke created a multitude of sensations deep within my penis.

She orgasmed very soon after I started my slow and forceful strokes. Her breath shortened and her back arched up to turn and kiss me before turning away again as the orgasm hit her. She let out a quiet moan and her pussy got immediately wetter, I thought she I would slip out of her pussy but remained in. I leaned forward and felt the heat from her face and neck on my cheek.

The wetter her pussy got the better my cock felt sliding inside her. It felt like my cock bent back slightly at the deepest point creating a little suction on the head of my penis. It was almost like the deepest parts of her pussy were giving the tip of my cock a little slap as it approached. I stroked slightly slower as I could feel my orgasm approaching. A little grunt escaped from my mouth and I thought there was no point in holding back and pushed each stroke harder so my pubic bone crushed into her arse and my balls slapped down on the small space between her legs. I pushed harder and harder until my orgasm pushed me forward holding me at full depth. I could feel each pulse of my come squirting deep within Ariel as I pushed down onto her. It took me a few moments of straining in this position to realise that Ariel was grinding back against me through a second orgasm of her own. As my orgasm released me I leaned forward to feel the strain in her body and I felt the renewed warmth from her cheek and neck.

I withdrew from her with a small pop and lay on my side. She twisted to face me and again put her finger on my lips before giving me a kiss. I took my cue and quietly left retrieving my clothes on the way.


“Oh, I woke you, sorry.”

I looked up smiling from the restful sleep and sexual contentment. Lily was walking past my bed, she pointed at the cupboard near the window and smiled at me. I watched her walking, the light from the window was shining from behind her allowing me to see the outline of her body though the white slip she wore. Her body seemed to glow as the light caressed her lines and curves. I could see the curve of her breasts, I checked for the tell-tale signs of her bra but could see none. My eyes lazily drifted down her body to her waist and buttocks. The curve of her hip, where the sheer material rested on her skin, drew my eye down to the roundness of her bum that was radiating sensuality. I stared at her bum, she was not wearing any underwear. She half turned from the cupboard allowing a clear shaft of light to fall on the gap between her legs creating a glow about her sex.

What was it about this villa and these four women? I was still very sleepy, all I did was give Lily the opportunity and she took action. She seduced me while I lay in my morning bed. All I did was pat the bed saying: “Now I am awake, sit, chat with me for a while.”

My eyes flicked up to her face after I had spoken as I realised I was talking to her glowing crotch. Her eyes were not on my face but on my hand. I followed her gaze to see where I had patted the bed the sheet that was covering my lower half had tented over my ‘morning glory’. She probably saw me looking at her crotch then noticed my erection. She probably thought I had the hard on for her and I guess she must have liked that because she came to sit on the bed.

“You seem to be finding your feet. Nat said you had been through a rough time the last couple years.” She rested her hand on my arm letting her fingers drag on my fine hairs. I didn’t say anything as I was enjoying her touch and at the same time I was still trying to work out if I should be embarrassed.

“You are wicked,” she said still smiling at me. She let out a little laugh and broke eye contact to look at her hand. She was definitely on my wavelength, she could see I wanted her and she was smiling because she wanted me too. She let her hand drift up my arm and down my chest and onto my stomach. She looked at my face and I gave her a reassuring smile.

I moved the hand I had used to pat the bed onto her leg, stroking it until I reached her slip. I tugged gently at the hem before letting my hand stroke all the way up her side.

Indeed, as I had thought she was not wearing anything beneath the slip. The minx had come to my room with the intention of seducing me. She slid her bum forward causing her slip to ride up, I caught hold of the hem and helped her until I was able to slip my hand into the V between her legs and touch her soft downy pubic hair. She opened her legs a little and I caught a whiff of her womanly scents musky and moist. If my penis had not been erect those wonderful smells would have been enough to bring my cock to attention.

Her hand had reached my hip and she pushed me so I lay flat on my back. She chuckled at the sight of the tent my cock was now forming in the sheet. She took hold of the sheet and gradually started pulling the sheet down towards my feet. The friction of the material against the head of my penis created an almost burning sensation leaving me with the illusion that my cock was gaining size. Lily gave a little sound of triumph as my cock escaped its restraint. It sprung back towards my chest and I tightened my bum muscles to make it point up towards the ceiling. I am pleased my cock is strait when it is erect, I have read in magazines that most men’s erections are bent to some degree or another.

Lily stood back and surveyed the sight before her. She seemed to be pleased. I know I was certainly pleased with the way the morning was turning out.

She stood and slowly lifted her slip. She paused when her pussy was exposed giving me time to take in the beautiful downy hair that had glowed through the material when she was standing by the window earlier. I noticed the long white scar across the bottom of her belly, I realised it must have been when she had Gabriel. I found her scar sexy. Her body was radiant, shining out innocence, purity and sensuality. Her scar was a mark of experience, a sign that there was something more to discover, something deeper, something hidden.

And Lily had so much more to show me.

She continued to lift her slip until both her breasts were showing. I loved this first sight of her large dark nipples. I imagined gobbling them up with my mouth, sucking them, licking them, playing with them until Lily cried out in pleasure. Again she waited a moment allowing me time to take in her glorious body.

I was excited by this woman providing me with what I wanted, it is not difficult: men are visual, men love looking at the treat they are about to receive. Lily was giving me a show, a show I knew I would want again. She stepped right up onto the bed so she was standing with her feet on either side of my hips. Her downy pubic hair flowed down in wisps over the darkened raised mouth of her pussy. The inner lips of her pussy created pink and brown folds in the cleft. Little beads of moisture on the hairs showed me she would be welcoming my cock.

She lowered her body directly down to my cock allowing me to watch the little pink passage opening. I reached for my cock to change the aim so when her pussy reached my penis the tip of my penis slid into her pink passage. Gradually she enveloped me until she was completely seated on me. She adjusted her legs to get comfortable.

She kept her hips still and started swinging her long blond hair to whip my chest and face. With each swing the muscles in her pussy moved and tensed giving me a pulling sensation that confused my cock. It was like there was a tiny treacle whirlpool inside her mimicking the movements of her hair. I think she realised the effect of the sensation as she slowed the swinging as I was coming close to orgasm.

She started sliding on my cock. Her moments were slight and she kept her groin pressed firmly to mine. The way she shifted her weight caused my cock to bend and buck inside her. The movements of her hips may have been slight but inside her it felt like a furious, wild ride. Her movements got more driving and aggressive, for a while I thought she was ratcheting up the pleasure for my sake but a glance at her face told me she was about to orgasm. Her fingernails dug into my chest and her neck got all blotchy and red. Her buttocks clenched tight and then she pushed down on me forcing me as deeply into her as I could go.

The feeling of her orgasm on my cock caused me to erupt. It felt as though my orgasm was being squeezed out of me as Lily pressed her body into mine. My orgasm pushed up from my back and exploded in pleasure just as her pussy was releasing me. She relaxed and let her hair gently drop onto my skin causing little spikes of pleasure. The one thing I have always found difficult to ask is for women to caress me after orgasm as asking for caresses is a feminine thing not a masculine thing. With Lily I didn’t need to ask as the caresses literally rained down on me.

“I enjoyed that,” she said as she slid her pussy off my cock and waited for the remnants of our orgasms to drip down between my legs.

“I could tell, me too.”

“I can’t stay. They are waiting for me downstairs.” She pulled her slip over her head and stood up above me allowing me a final view the little white pearl adorning the lip of her pussy.

She smiled, stepped off me and was gone.

The Market

After a late breakfast I set out with Nathan for the market, Lydia had given him a list of things to buy.

“I’ve got to tell you something, Nathan. Your sister seduced me this morning.” His response was to smile and give me a play punch on my shoulder.

“Thing is,” I continued cautiously, “I have had all four of the women here.”

“In your dreams!” He rolled his eyes but his smile told me he believed me. “But you keep my wife out of your dreams, young man. Or is it my mum you are angling for?”

“No, I’m serious.

“On the night we arrived Edna gave me a very special welcome at the poolside. She is brazen, that woman, she know what she wants and she goes for it. She laid down the terms for me if I wanted to take if further and I love that. I want things to be clear. The worst thing about my ex was that I had to keep guessing, it was like a series of tests that I didn’t know I was taking until I failed. “So I’m thinking: POW; but then yesterday I spent the day with Jemimah and we start talking about some deep shit. There I was getting this big respect for her for all the things she has coped with in her life. I felt ashamed of the way I acted when shit happened to me. I start thinking this is a woman I want to spend my life with, a real woman who could take on the world and win. Yeah, that was the type of woman I wanted in my life. You must have guessed what we were doing when we disappeared after dinner last night. But, wow, what happened was more erotic that I could even imagine. Me and Jemimah were in the pool doing it, you know, just getting going when the others come to the pool.”


“No, no, the best bit is still to come. Check this out: Ariel sees us in the dark side of the pool and figures what is going on. She can see that I am looking at her and Jemimah isn’t so she does this full on striptease and even plays with herself before Edna calls her into the pool. I’m telling you that was a moment to remember. But not to worry, I finished things with Ariel after you had all gone to bed. You know the kind of thing from books: no words just actions. And wow, Ariel has such strong sexuality, now there is something to build a future on.

“Then this morning your sister comes into my room. I have to say she is so sensual. Yeah. I mean your sister is a wonderful person, kind, faring. Your whole family is. I feel stupid saying this but the thing is I fancy your sister. I mean I am not asking you for permission or nothing.

It is just, you know, you are my best friend and I am discussing this fantastic holiday. And this weird choice I seem to have in front of me and your sister is part of the choice. This, um, tell me when I can stop digging.”


“So you understand what I am getting at. These four beautiful, fantastic, incredible women all seem to be interested in me. And I, well, I like them all. I like each of them for different reasons and I… The truth is this: I want them all. How am I going manage this?”

Nathan was silent so I continued: “You understand what I am asking, I don’t know what to do. I am in the middle of an erotic catch-22. It is fantastic but what next?”

“OK, you can shut up for a while, I get what you are asking me.” We were near the market so it was only on the way home that Nathan responded.

“Let me start by saying the nice bits. You have had a little series of events that has worked out real sweet for you, but don’t think that makes you special. Well, you asked me and this is what I think: whatever you do it will turn out shit. I am not being jealous, I am just being real about what will happen. Let me remind you, these are mothers you are dealing with. They are women who know about life, they are not teenage girls swooning at your advances. Hey, the way I see it they are the ones using you as their sexual plaything. They are on holiday, this isn’t their real life so they can be naughty and do shit they normally woudn’t. Maybe if you play it cool you will get another shag if you’re lucky.”

“But I don’t want it to stop after the holiday.”

Nathan swung round to face me and said: “You!” He then turned and walked in silence for a while before starting again.

“If you really want one of these women then you’ll have to make a choice now and spend the last three days of your holiday pursuing just that one woman. Woo her. Treat her like she is magic. Take an interest in her child, in all the children. Make her feel so great about herself that she wants to talk to you after the holiday is over. But mister, you have already fucked it up as these women talk to each other about everything.

We walked in silence again until Nathan continued: “I am serious, you have to make a decision now before we get back to the villa and then it is only that one for the rest of the holiday. But if you ask me, I think you are being a fool. Just let things go. Idiot.”

Again we walked in silence. He was right, I did need to choose. But how could I make this impossible choice between these women, I needed help. “So, who would you…”

“Listen, I don’t want to hear about it. You must know that I love every one of these four women. I want you to know that I won’t let you hurt any one of them, not just Lily, any one of them. They have had enough in their lives, they don’t need you coming along and messing about with their head. Maybe, if you are honourable we can talk about this again in 10 years. Now shut up.”

Coming Home

When Nathan and I got back to the villa we found the women sitting at the dining table. As we approached I thought they must have been having the flipside version of the conversation I had just had with Nathan. I wanted to run away, I couldn’t bear the through of these wonderful women being disappointed by the way I had taken each of them over the last three days. Three days! Not even a whole day for each of the women sitting at the table with Lydia.

Lydia spoke when we got closer asking if I would be able to change my plans as a special favour. Could I drive back to London with Ariel and Tamar, they would be travelling overnight and Ariel needed help with the driving.

While I packed my bags my mind ran over the possible motives for the women wanting to be rid of me and what was the purpose of sending me back with Ariel. She was definitely feisty, would the drive home be a disaster for me.

Half an hour later and their goodbyes left me as confused. They all gave me gentle kisses and said things like: it was a wonderful experience meeting me, and maybe one day we would meet again, and maybe next time we meet it will be as much fun as this time was.

The conversation didn’t flow in the car. I asked about the emergency back home and Ariel avoided the subject. I made light references to the night before and she avoided that subject too. I fell back on the standard: well, what do you do? type of question which lead to a stilted conversation, but it was a conversation so I continued along that line talking about myself, my career, my friends, my life.

I took over the driving as evening fell. Tamar fell asleep in the back and finally the conversation became relaxed. The emergency in London was to do with Tamar’s father; Ariel spoke of her frustration and anger; of her plans and hopes. She talked with the same inner strength I had heard from Jemimah the day before when she talked about how things had gone wrong. When Tamar’s dad had started behaving badly she had been clear with him and given him his marching orders when he continued ignoring her demands. The conversation was dominated by the gentleness of her determination. She didn’t complain about having to take on a job or move into a small place, rather she spoke positively about opportunities and how good things turned out for her.

The conversation briefly stopped when we caught the 03:50 Ferry from Calais as Tamar woke for a while.

It was a lovely night so we settled her on deck and took up a nearby bench out of earshot. When she was asleep Ariel turned to me and said: “So, last night I gave you a bit of a show and some action. It is my turn tonight, although I will forgive you if you skip the striptease this time. But you will still owe me two.”

She leaned back on the bench and lifted one of her legs so that she was in the pose Edna had struck for me on the sun lounger. I dropped to my knees next to the bench and started paying attention to her legs. She was wearing a loose ra-ra skirt that gave me easy access. I ran my fingers up her inner thigh to her white panties and decided the first thing I was going to do was to strip them off. I didn’t know how long we would have alone on the deck and with her panties safely in my pocket I was able to pay attention to her divine dark haven.

With her skirt up I was able to pay attention to her delicious dark pussy. I ran my tongue round the outside of the full lips that pressed together protecting the inner pleasures I was seeking. I delved with my tongue at the tip of the slit seeking out her clit. It was well hidden under a large flap so I ended up lapping the whole top end of her pussy. I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her slit and ran my tongue round on the inside of her entrance. She moaned lightly as my tongue ran to end nearest her bum.

Yeah, I thought to myself and immediately headed back to her little magic button with my tongue while at the same time inserting a finger into her pussy. When my finger was thoroughly wet I withdrew it and placed it over the little puckered hole. I put pressure on the little pucker and her body reacted with pleasure pushing against my finger and mouth. I continued lapping her clitoris while I dipped my finger again into her pussy to get it wetter. I rested it again on arsehole before inserting it quickly until my second knuckle was inside her. Her body again responded to my action: she let out a gasp and started grinding against my hand. I realised she was getting more pleasure from my hand than my mouth so I gave myself a little room and inserted my thumb in her pussy playing with the wall that lies between the two. This was too much for her, her thighs clamped about my head and I felt her orgasm wash over her.

I relaxed on the floor wondering how to take it forward when I heard the door to the deck open. For the rest of the journey I sat with Ariel leaning against me. I gently flicked the hem of her skirt teasing her that I knew she was not wearing anything underneath, her panties were now mine and for the rest of the journey she was naked under her skirt.

The sight of the white cliffs of Dover will always be a special sight for me. That was the moment that I knew Ariel was the right woman for me. On our journey she had shown me the same depth and resolution I had appreciated in Jemimah. On deck of the ferry she had shown me boldness as I had enjoyed in Edna. She was certainly as sexy as, well, herself. But it was in the morning light when I was flicking the hem of her skirt that I saw the sensuality of Lily in her and I knew at that moment she was the complete woman for me.

I do not know when Ariel decided I was the man for her. Maybe it was at the villa, maybe the women discussed it at that table. Maybe it was on the journey home. Or maybe it was over the next few months, by the time she dropped me at home in London we had an arrangement to meet again. Maybe one day Ariel will write her side of the story.

And Nathan, it wasn’t how you thought it might turn out but I have been with Ariel for 20 years now, and every one of those years has been honourable.


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