The Rabbit Bride

Rabbit sipped his espresso, bitter, strong.  He sat at the table he had sat at for so many mornings now and, like each morning, he thought back to that day he started this ritual.  The morning he stopped for coffee on his way to work, collected his espresso at the counter and chose a table in the early morning shade.  He surveyed his surroundings.  The street leading his way to work in the one direction and his way home in the other.  Across the street was a small house with a large garden, it looked like mostly cabbages but there was probably a lot of vegetables in it.  Rabbit sipped his espresso and idly thought about having a market garden.  It amused him as his nickname would suit that of a market gardener.  As he was mulling over this career change he was treated to the most glorious sight his young eyes had yet beheld: the cabbage girl coming out of her door.  She was dressed in a white cotton dress that hung loosely on her, rising and falling over her shapely body.  The looseness of the dress accentuated her slim figure rather than hid it.  He assumed she wore it to seduce him; it did not even occur to Rabbit that this may have simply been her working clothes.  She took up her watering can, she stood examining it for a moment and accidentally spilled water down her front.  This was the moment that captured Rabbit as she was not wearing anything under her smock.  This was the moment that he played over in his head as he sat sipping his morning espresso.  The water made the material translucent and caused it to cling to her breasts, her nipples were large and clearly visible through the material.  The water ran further down than her breasts, down her stomach and between her legs.  Her pubic hair formed a pattern on the material. The cabbage girl laughed, Rabbit gawked.

On the seventh morning of his vigil; on the fifth occasion of him observing the cabbage girl, Rabbit decided to take action.  He finished the last sip of his coffee and left the table. He crossed the road and stepped into the garden.  Rabbit had not worked out a plan, in the garden he was at a loss as to what he should do.  He picked a cabbage leaf and tasted it, he would pretend he had come over to find out about the garden.  The cabbage girl stood in her white smock watching him approach.  She was as lovely up close as she had been from afar.

Rabbit stuttered: “Hi”

The cabbage girl had intended to chase him away as she did with the many people who wandered into her garden.  People seemed to think a well ordered garden in the city was an invitation to a conversation.  She was at work.  She did not wander into their office to start a conversation about her fantasies of office sex.  She was ready to be angry but his smile softened her words: “Hi, you are in my garden.”

“Yes, I was just thinking how wonderful this cabbage is, undoubtedly the most tasty outer leaf I have ever tasted.  Um, do you sell the cabbages?”

The cabbage girl was smiling as much as Rabbit was smiling now: “Yes, we have a stall but it is usually my mum who sells them not me.”

Tock tock came the sound of her mother tapping on the kitchen window.

“I have to ask you to leave, my mum needs me inside.”

“Sure, maybe I can come see you again, sometime?”

“I don’t know, um, it’s a working garden, you know.”

“Would you like to come to my hutch then?”  Rabbit realised he must sound weird.  “Um, thing is my friends have always called me Rabbit and I, like, thought it was a good name so I went along with it.  So I called my pad the hutch and everyone does now.  Like, the thing is, I have seen you watering your garden and thought I would like to talk to you and I am not trying to lure you to my hutch or anything.  It was just that you are so lovely and I wanted to talk to you.  Yes, no, I mean, I have watched how you water and sometimes your water splashes and, oh, god.”  Rabbit turned and escaped.  He could not believe he had blurted out that he had been watching her like a freak.

For three days Rabbit did not go back to the cafe.  It took him three days to reason with himself that she had not actually said he was the fool he thought himself to be.  On the third day he sat down with an espresso and ordered an extra croissant for the cabbage girl just in case she decided to come and join him.  Soon after he sat down, the cabbage girl came out.  She looked at him and smiled.  She lifted the watering can to examine it and spilled some water down her front.  She raised her hands and mouthed “ooh” to Rabbit.  Rabbit tried his best to wander casually across the road.  When he got to the garden he paused and picked a leaf of a cabbage.  He nibbled at the edge of it while the cabbage girl sashayed across the garden, her wet smock pulling against her breasts.  She smiled when she noticed Rabbit trying to keep his eyes on her eyes while the lure of her wet dress was pulling them down.  She twirled when she got near him allowing him a chance to take her in fully without feeling guilty.

“I have a hot croissant if you need a break from watering your cabbages”, Rabbit said.

“If that is what you want to call it,” replied the cabbage girl glancing down at the bulge in his trousers.

Rabbit blushed again, he had not thought about the innuendo until that moment.  “No, I was meaning I bought a croissant with my coffee and thought that maybe you would like to come over to the table and have a chat.  Not like last time when I said I wanted you to come to the hutch straight off and I was worried that you might have the wrong impression.  Not that I don’t want you to come to my hutch, I would love that, but first, maybe, we have a little chat, first, then you can come to my hutch latter.”

Tock, tock, tock, Rabbit was interrupted by the cabbage girl’s mother tapping on the window.  The cabbage girl kissed Rabbit lightly on the cheek.  Rabbit blushed even deeper, he could feel the heat of his embarrassment.  He turned to scuttle away from his blundering conversation.

That night Rabbit hardly slept, his mind was spinning about with the possibilities of what might happen in the morning.  He masturbated for a second time over the thought of her twirling in her wet smock for him, the wet material clinging to her sexy, oh so sexy body.  She was performing for him and he had done nothing, it was like one of those stories that are written to describe a fantasy without a thought of what people, real people were actually like.  He was amazed the cabbage girl had wet her dress and kissed him.  She had kissed him, he murmured as he finally drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Rabbit waited impatiently for the right time to go to the cafe.  In fact he was earlier than his usual time and he did not go to the cafe, instead he stepped boldly into the garden.  The step into the garden was a step away from the confident young man who was strolled commandingly down the street seeking his destiny.  The step into the garden was a step towards the babbling youth embarrassed by his foolish words.  He stooped down to pick a cabbage leaf, again nibbling the edge.  Inside the cottage the old woman spotted Rabbit.  She sent her daughter out to chase him away.

Rabbit smiled as the cabbage girl stepped out of the door.  It seemed to him that the step out of her house took her from a hidden dark apparition to an unbelievably radiant being. Her face changed as the sunshine lit it; or, maybe, it lit the sun.  The cabbage girl danced towards him floating lightly on her toes, her hands drifting over her body an inch from her frock.  Rabbit suddenly understood everything he needed to know.  He did not understand the dance.  It did not matter why she chose to wave her arms or what was the reason for her tippy toes.  What mattered was the dance was for him.  As she stepped closer to him he knew what to say, he held out his hand: “Come with me, my lovely, hop on my tail and let me take you to my hutch.”

The words had come out wrong, but Rabbit was not worried about sounding weird because he was confident in her understanding what he meant.

Tock, tock, tock, tock came the knocking from the kitchen window.

The cabbage girl breathed deeply and softly said: “Yes”.

She took his hand and he led her from the garden.  It was not far to the hutch and they did not speak.  Their silence was comforting rather than threatening for the steps they were taking were very exciting.  Their strange courtship had given them both the understanding of what was to happen when they crossed the threshold of the hutch.  Both of them were working out how they would come together, so when they did enter their bodies knew what to do.  Their lips met, their eyes closed and their hands explored the other.  That morning Rabbit had chosen to go commando, as the cabbage girl always did, so when she unclasped his buckle and popped open his buttons his trousers dropped away releasing him ready for action.

The cabbage girl stepped away from Rabbit and sat on the sofa leaning back.  She was surprisingly attracted by the sight of him with the folds of cloth about his feet, his naked legs, naked shapely, manly legs, rising to his  tee shirt hoicked up by his penis.  She smiled at the look of his penis, she smiled thinking where it was aiming.  She had lifted her smock at the back but kept it down at the front revealing enough thigh for Rabbit to know she was wearing nothing more than the smock.  Rabbit dropped to his knees in front of her while maintaining eye contact.  Their eyes remained locked while he stroked her legs lifting the dress higher and higher with each stroke.  Their eyes remained locked as he pulled her hips to the edge of the sofa.  Their eyes remained locked as he leaned down between her legs.  When his lips touched her thighs she closed her eyes and concentrated on the touches exciting her.  He let his breath warm her inner thighs before diving the tip of his tongue into her fold.  He slipped as deeply as his tongue could, as if he had been diving into a pool.  He withdrew and ran his tongue about the edges of the folds, the firm outer lips.  He probed softly seeking out the little button.  He pressed his mouth open and wide against her sex, his tongue spreading the folds and spreading the moisture.  He needed to slurp up the wetness from both him and her.  His tongue was getting tired flicking the folds, probing to find her clit, so he started rocking his head.  Her hands fondled his hair, she pulled his head closer into her as her body tensed rising to his tongue, rising to his nibbling, rising to his sucking until her orgasm hit.  He kept going.  When she could it no longer she pulled his head up towards her mouth.  They kissed.

Rabbit stepped away from the cabbage girl to get a condom out of his wallet.  He rolled on the condom and looked up at the cabbage girl in her orgasmic relaxation.  He knelt again between her legs, smiling he put his hands on her hips and pulled her a little closer to himself until his hardness met her softness.  He wiggled his hips, rotating them in a gentle motion so that he probed her.  She rocked her hips so that she enclosed him.  Slowly they came closer until they ground against each other.  Their rocking, rotating motions creating a shared pulse that beat between their bodies, that beat for both of them, joining them in the building sensation that released in her a second orgasm, an orgams that brought his to him.

“I am hungry now”, the cabbage girl’s words surprised Rabbit.

He took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen.  “All I have is a little bran and oats, you prepare this while I go get more things.”

While she cooked Rabbit went to the shop for beer, wine, crisps and nuts.  He was feeling so good he cracked a Stella in the shop even before paying for it. No one noticed so he downed the beer and left the can on the biscuits shelf. When he stepped out of the store he cracked another beer and decided to get a few friends round to celebrate. He would invite his best friends Fox and Crow as well as both the Hare brothers and their girlfriends if they were about.

The morning’s success ran wild in Rabbit’s imagination, with each sip of beer his expectations got more and more unrealistic.  By the time he got back to the hutch he had drunk a beer with Fox, a beer with Crow and a beer with the Hare brothers.  When he stepped into the hutch he imagined his vigor and potency was so strong the cabbage girl would not be able to resist an orgy with his friends after, perhaps, a little dance show with the Hares’ girlfriends.

In the hutch the cabbage girl was surprised to hear a crowd of people enter.  She sighed, her fantasy escape was no longer her fantasy.  Rabbit came into the kitchen abruptly saying: “Come on, come on, have you finished the cooking, my friends are here.” Rabbit went back to his drinking and laughing.

In the kitchen a tear slipped down her cheek as she stirred the pot.  Again Rabbit came back into the kitchen demanding she join them: “come on, come on, my friends wanna meet you,” before returning to his party.

The cabbage girl was sad because she was as lonely in the hutch as she had been at home.  She hung her smock over the chair for Rabbit to remember her by and pulled on a rough coat that was hanging by the back door.  As an afterthought she rested the mop against the chair so at first glance it would look like she was still cooking.  She didn’t want Rabbit to notice she was gone before she got home.  She slipped out the back door and quietly left.

It was a long time before Rabbit came into the kitchen again and he was drunk and he was angry.  He raised the expectations of his friends with his fantasy boasts but the cabbage girl had failed him.  The kitchen was filled with smoke and he saw her slumped at the stove.  Suddenly his anger overwhelmed him and he reached for the pan hitting her.  Her effigy gave little resistance, it tumbled to the floor.  He, too, left by the back door.  She had left in sorrow and he left in anguish because he thought he had killed his cabbage girl.

His friends eventually came looking for him, when the didn’t find him they tidied the kitchen and left.


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