Amazing Light

We are there.  Fucking hell, we are there.  I never believed we would get there.  There was always the doormouse behind me, just out of sight, always out of sight, muttering all the ways in which disaster would end our journey.  I wouldn't have listened to him if the facts hadn't supported his words. We should not be here, nobody gave us any chance of success.

So here we sit, staring out at the strangest vista I have ever laid my eyes on.  Even although I feel like I have taken more mushrooms than Alice and everything is fuzzy from the hookah smoke from that fucking caterpillar, I know this really is the most amazing light that has turned the mundane into the profound.  The vision in front of me is a little like a light show, the light seems to change, ever so subtly across the spectrum then shift back. At the same time it becomes brighter and duller. I don't know if the light is being so miraculously strange inside my head or in reality, I just know what I can see has left me in such a state of awe I would believe if I were told we were in God's own garden.

"Fuck me, it looks like God's backyard!"

The red queen is out of her seat, she slapped her fucking pink dildo on the dashboard in front of me, she has leaned over my shoulders, her left tit pressed right into my right shoulder.  I always liked her tits, they are a bit droopy, but that is life. The warmth of her skin on mine makes it more real. It is real. I have to remember it is real.

I looked at my hands, I looked at the dildo.  The ordinary object, the gross phallus that still smells slightly of my shit from the last time the red queen pegged me, that ordinary object is somehow glowing in the light.  Like it has an aura of its own. Like the light is so joyful to be finding an object, instead of behaving as it should it has done a little loop the loop on the surface before venturing on.  Fucking hell, it is true, the light is alive and it is adventurous. That is what is so strange about this place. That is why it is such a good thing that we made it, that the fucking doormouse was wrong with his incessant belligerence.

"Your head is glowing."

I look at Alice.  Her head is glowing.  It is like looking at her in that first post coital gaze.  It is like looking at a memory of that first post coital gaze.  It had been a life time since that moment, a literal lifetime. Literally, a lifetime of that fucking caterpillar telling him not to abuse the word literal.  Not quite a lifetime, but we were little more than kids when we embarked on this journey to the stars. And now here we are, gods in God's backyard. I look down, Alice is beautiful in the glow.  Her skin is the purest of colours, her breasts hanging bountifully, her nipples large as if they had once feasted new life. I had been so worried after that first coitus, we couldn't have a child on this journey, but it didn't happen.  It never happened. It was like thank fuck, but then you realise they had to have been fucking about with us. It ain't so nice when you realise they had been fucking about with us. Of course they would, of course they would but it don't make it nice.

I look back at the red queen.  She is glowing. I feel this amazing love for her.  I have always loved her, really, even when she was ramming her plastic cock deep into my arse and reaching round to smack my cock telling me not to come, even then she knew I really needed the pain, even in the most painful moments I knew my love for her was of a kind that new no limit to its understanding.  And there is nothing more beautiful than a love that is full of understanding. Now she isn't hitting me, she is looking at me and talking. Saying something. Saying it is time to go, through the door. The light seems to have collected in the door, in a strange way. It is like the light at the end of a tunnel but it is here, the light has come to the beginning of the tunnel.

"The others have gone, we must go through too."

I look about.  The others have gone.  I wonder how they had time to go, it was mesmeric, the light, it had filled my mind for the time they were going through to the disembarkation chamber.  Now all I have to do is go out. I am a bit scared of going into the light, to be honest, there is something I need to remember about going into the light.  But no time, the red queen's ass is disappearing, I must follow.


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