The Golden Egg

"Well, this makes it worth it!"

James pushed up next to her to see what she was looking at.  Through the bullrushes, down below was a plunge pool. The sound of the rushing water they had been trying to find for a while now was off to the left, probably the far end of the the pool.  It looked like a rock ledge was to the left.

"Let's push up and left a little then we should come out at that rock."

"What you guys got up front there?"

"We have found paradise!"

"Right, let's do it."

None of them moved for a moment, even though an end was in sight they were drained by the hour of pushing through the bushes and rushes continuously, while, it seemed, not going anywhere as the same hills seemed to be towering over them.  Hiking along the ridge had been easy, the hill rolled slightly so the walking was either slightly up or slightly down. There had been only small bushes and shrubs and in their complacency they had drifted from the trail onto animal tracks.  They had realised they were lost when their path was blocked by a valley cutting in front of them. A lot of umming and aring later they decided the path was probably on the other side of the valley. It had looked so simple when they started down the slope but it got hard.  When progress was near impossible they changed their rack and tried to find the river in the hope of being able to walk downstream until they could get out the valley.

James clambered back two steps, his boot sunk into a mire, a rock scraping his leg.  He pulled it out and stepped over the hole.

"Watch our for that."

"What, a snake?"

"Fuck knows what is down that hole, just don't fall into it, little bit."

"Quit teasing her you great oaf, we're all on the edge here."

"Fuck yeah."

James leaned on the rushes, flattening them into a path.  He moved strongly assured by what lay ahead. After about five meters he bent the path right.  He got it right, the rushes parted and before him was a large flat rock leading down into he inviting water of the rock pool. He stepped onto the rock, basking in the sunlight, and surveyed the pool.  As they had guessed, a small waterfall fed the pool at the one end, and the stream drifted away at th other. It looked like they could follow it.

"Oh wow."


The others were tumbling out onto the rock.  George poked her stick down into the water.

"It's good and deepen. We'll have to swim."

She sat on the rock, dropping her backpack behind her.  She peeled off her boots and socks. Her feet hurt, they were red and even raw in some places.  The water would be such a relief. She took off her shorts and started examining her legs. Scratches, cuts, no ticks.

"Don't forget to check for ticks."

She stood and looked at the pool.


Deli placed her backpack next to George.  She stripped off her shirt and sports bra and turned to let the sunlight fall directly into her naked breasts.  She stretched her shoulders forward and back swinging her breasts, enjoying the freedom and the fresh air.

James propped his backpack against Deli's.  He picked up her shirt, held it out.

You gotta look fo the ticket in your clothes too."

"Oh leave it, let's just swim."  

She undid her shorts, hooked her thumbs in her shorts and panties and pulled them down to her ankles.  She was bent double, exposing her arse and her fanny to James as if to say, live a little. Have a little fun.  And he did have fun, no matter how many times he had seen her naked he still enjoyed it as it were the first. He stripped off his shirt, pulled down his shorts and undies, pulled them over his boots and stood naked, naked but booted.  His cock was half stiff, pointing at Deli’s little deli as Deli undid her laces and loosened her boots.

George turned round looked at James’s cock and Deli’s cunt in a strange kind of face off.  She smiled. Slipped off her top and bra and jumped into the pool in her knickers.

“Jesus, it is fucking cold.  Come on. You’ll love it. It numbs the pain from the scratches.”  

George swam a kind of fast doggy paddle mixed with breaststroke trying to warm up in the water.  Deli stepped out of her shoes, stood on her socks, one at a time, to take them off, left them in a pile and jumped in too.

“Fuck me, I thumped the bottom. There is like a log or something her but it isn’t sharp or anything.  It is wobbly. It moves a bit.”

A whole lot of bubbles rose about Deli.  James watched the bubbles with interest. It must have been a mighty long tree that Deli kicked as the bubbles were all along the pool.  Though it could be something a little more dangerous. A snake, perhaps. A dangerous fish. No it couldn’t be a dangerous fish, what would the fish live on.  There weren’t any bones about. It would have to be a creature like a python that swallowed the animal whole and digested everything including the bones. Pythons could swim, he was sure of that, but the way the girls were going on the water was way too cold for snakes.  If there was a snake of any kind it would be sitting on the rock sunbathing. He decided to slip in quietly while the girls splashed about.

“Nah, I am getting out.  I am going to get properly warm in the sun before getting back in.”

Deli pulled herself back onto the rock.  She lay down in the sun.

“Me too.”

George got out.  First she checked her body again for ticks and bugs as best she could.  Then she stood watching James float in the freezing cold water, drifting along on his back.


George walked towards the sound, along the rock.  At the end was a strange nest made up of small round river pebbles and in the nest were three large golden coloured eggs.  They were larger than a goose egg but smaller than an ostrich egg.


James looked lazily across the water at George’s arse as she bent over at the edge of the rock, nice, not as nice as Deli’s snatch but real nice.  He was going to shag both the girls today, both at the same time. He could smell it in the air.

“Come look at this.”

Deli stood up and looked at George.

“Wow, is that really what it looks like.”

“Yeah, and one is hatching.”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before.  What you recon it is?”

“Dunno, some kind or lizard.”

“Or a massive snake.”

“A massive water snake.”

Both the girls turn to watch James swim back to the rock.  He thought about the bubbles, a massive snake, it really could be a python, but he was damned if he was going to show any panic.  As his heart beat faster he kept saying to himself: slow and steady, slow and steady until he pulled himself out the water.

“Oh, not a massive water snake, a teeny tiny prune.”

The girls were both looking at James’s cock, much reduced by the cold water.

“Yah yah.  So what you got there?”

“It is hatching, look at that.”

“Yeah.  Look, there is like a beak poking out.  Maybe not, maybe more like a crocodile.”

“Are there crocodiles in these mountains?”

“Aint never heard of any crocodiles out here.”

“It is definitely a reptile, not a bird.  Check out the mouth, that isn’t a beak. For sure.”

“Recon you’re right.  Some type of lizard.”

“Oh look he is golden.”

“Like the ugly duckling.”

“It does look a bit like feathers.”

“It is definitely a lizard of some kind.  Check out the claws on the end of its tiny feet.”

“A reptile with feathers.”

“You know, I think.  I am going to get a closer look.”

George was always like that, brave to the point of foolhardy when it came to creatures.  She picked up the feathered lizard.

“You know it must be related to the dinosaurs.  I was reading they think that the dinosaurs had feathers.  Some of them anyway. I think.”

George was holding the little creature up to her face.  James came up behind her. He pressed his naked front against her naked back while he looked over her shoulder at the strange baby reptile.  It had real sharp tiny teeth, rows and rows of them. Like a shark. And it looked like it would be as happy in the water as out of it. It had webbed feet and a strong tail for swimming.  This would be quite monster when it grew up. The little monster was kind of stretching, kind of wiggling, kind of trying to become alive. James rubbed himself against George, his hand reached round as if for the little monster but instead it curled round to her tits, he coupled her tits then pulled on the stiff little nipples.  George’s free hand reached behind her, feeling for James’s cock, rubbing his cock until it was stiff. Deli came up behind James and wrapped her arms about them, one hand stroking George’s stomach, the other joining George’s hand fiddling with James’s cock. They were all still looking at the little monster George was holding up, looking at it but not thinking about it.  It was rocking and wobbling as Deli’s hand slipped down George’s stomach to rub through her pubic hair and pass down to her slit. The little monster stiffened, its head pointing up and it let out a tiny squark.

And another.  

Its stiff little body vibrating with each squark.

The three young lovers looked at it amazed, then shocked as the water seemed to rise out of the pool to knock them over.  Had they seen the monster that ripped them apart they would have noticed it was the same as the baby George was holding but twelve foot long.

Gently the monster picked up her baby from the blood and gore and placed it back in the nest.  Then it took a chunk of meat, George’s arm, and put it in the nest too.

The baby started gnawing.


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