Magnetic Jessica

“I’ve got magnetic tits.”

“And I have a magnetic dick, time for a soapy tit wank.”

“Jesus, Jones, that is so last, whenever, it is so long ago I have forgotten how long ago it was.  It was funny when it Gee said it slightly too loud in the pub by mistake.  Just drop it.”

“I know I have.”

“Well, it is true.  I don’t know what is going on but I can hang a spoon off my nipple.”

“Ah, the old spoon test.”

“Now, that, Jones, was actually quite funny.”

“Thank you, we do Tuesdays and Friday in the Arena.”

Jessica smiled.  Her friends were great, they were right, it was nothing to worry about.  So what if doctor Google had never heard of magnetic nipples, hell, maybe all women’s tits are a little magnetic.  Nah, truth is it is better to having a laugh with friends that worrying over magnetic tits.


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