I wake up confused, indeed even unsure if I have woken.  The bed feels different, familiar and strange at the same time.  It brings back the childhood feeling of falling asleep at my cousin’s house then waking in my own bed.  Comforting and disappointing at the same time.  I lie under the heavy blankets and looked about the room.  It too is both familiar and strange.  Like a strange unusual colour light is coming in through the window, making me dread trying to find out what is wrong, did the curtains hide a post-apocalyptic death scene that caused the strange light?  It is strange how easily the mind throws up end-of-the-world scenarios when it might just as well be calima dragged out of its usual path by unusual formation of high and low pressures.  I choose to ignore all possible explanations instead i carry on lying in bed.  My head hurts.  I have a massive toothache.  And pretty much every part of my body below the covers throbs as if the blankets are too heavy for my body to bare.  It was strange, usually I use a duvet.  

I must be in a hotel.  

That is why everything is strange.  It must be a work thing or a wedding and I must have drunk a bucket too much now my merry is shot.  It will come back to me if I just lay here quietly under the blankets.  With my eyes closed.  


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