A Dream

I have to say I was not sure where I was going but it didn’t matter.  It was not like that moment I was walking past the library and I completely forgot where I was going and for days worried I was getting dementia.  No, this time I wasn’t thinking about the destination, it was probably on my way home, I would realise when I was there.  This time I was thinking about the heat.  It was hot, real sweaty hot.  I could feel the sweat on my back, sticking my shirt to my back.  I smiled at the woman coming towards me, she was fine to look at.  She wore a short summer dress, of a very thin material, so thin it was clear she was not wearing a bra underneath.  She smiled at me but there was something wrong with the smile, something about the smile that said don’t talk to me.  I am only smiling out of politeness, because you caught my eye when I looked at you.  I only looked because you are weird, freak.   So I didn’t talk to her but I did carry on smiling.  I carried on smiling because I realised I had found the solution to the weather.  It was just like when I sleep in bed, I wear a t-shirt to draw the sweat away from my body but I wear no bottoms because a cool bum is a cool me.


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