Club Androcles

Club Androcles was the place to be.  Everywhere you turned you were surrounded by beautiful people.  Beautiful mouths leaning close to shout in their beautiful friend’s ears.  Beautiful bodies touching, gyrating, grinding against each other lubricated by sweat and alcohol and other social drugs, beautiful social drugs.  Beautiful bodies brought to a frenzy by the pounding music. Beautiful shapes moving slowly, lights changing, echoing, reverberating until they found me leaning against the wall, water bottle in my hand.  Club Androcles was shifting as I watched it, for a moment I wondered if this was a dream, or a film I had forgotten I was watching. The moment passed and I did not care. All that mattered was enjoying it.  Club Androcles faded out of focus except for her. I could see every detail of her. She was looking at a little man. I looked at the little man. I saw his eyes go thin, I saw his hand raised and I saw her cower.  Even from across the club I could see her eyes well up, the light shone brighter in her eyes as his fist hit her. Her scared eyes that turned from fright to flight. He looked away, she moved away. He looked back and she was gone.  Lost in the forest of people pulsing, throbbing to the lights. In her place was a monster, head and shoulders above the revelers, shouting down at the little man.
A shard of light pierced my vision.  Light so sharp it only meant one thing, a knife.  I saw it in the shadows, the red shadows. The fool was thrusting his tiny knife at a monster, six feet of anger behind a fist that sent the fool washing through the crowd which parted and swallowed him but not before the knife had found the monster’s arm.  She was there, filling the space left by the fight. She reached tentatively to the monster's arm, to the monster's blood. She took her scarf and wrapped it about his arm. Her red scarf staunching his red blood. He raised his hand. I shouted a warning, I shouted the monster was the same as the little man she had just fled but the words got tangled up in a small bundle.  They stuck in my throat. I needed a sip of water to set them free but by the time I had taken my sip I realised I was wrong. He was not hitting her, he was caressing her. Her hand lingered on his arm. I watched their bodies relax and be caught in the music. Individually they felt the music which brought them together. Their bodies engaged as their eyes had already done.  They were moving together. They did not try to talk. Their lips did not did not move. They did not even kiss. The monster's leg between hers, her hips circling as she ground her sex onto him. His hands reaching down her side, monster hands each as big as a buttock. Monster hands lifting her skirt, slipping into her panties, pushing them down, showing me the skin he was after; supple soft skin that yielded to his touch, smooth round globes rising to give him access to the crevice.  There the monster's hands remained as the song finished one beat giving rise to another, their bodies rocking together to the music, the monster's hand rocking as he probed her. She leaned away from him, I wondered if she had realised he was exposing her, showing Club Androcles his prize but she did not care. The hands I thought she was moving to cover herself in fact removed her panties, letting them drop, stepping out of them and kicking them with her foot. Her hands raised to his chest, to push him towards the edge.  For a while I lost them in the seething mass of Club Androcles but suddenly they were next to me. Mine was the dark corner they had sought. His cock was in her hand and his hand was between her legs. His cock contrasted against her hands, looking monstrous to her petite fingers. I wanted to reach out for his cock, I wanted to see it resting against my hand. She swivelled, lifted her skirt and bent forward for him. The monster spread his legs, slid down with his back against the wall and took a moment to position himself.  A moment, perhaps, of doubt. I saw my hand held out to him, in my hand was a condom. I was surprised, I did not remember thinking about offering a condom. He smiled at me, he took it. She turned her head to him, turning away from me, kissing him as he fitted my condom to his penis. He kissed her then he slipped my condom into her. They fucked quickly, aggressively, because their faces were away from me I could watch him slide in and out of her. I watched the profile of her bum bouncing back against his zip, revealing his cock and bouncing back again.  It was over quickly, his hands clenched her hips, her bum grinding against his groin. They relaxed. They parted and straightened their clothes. They stood next to each other as if they were platonic friends.

Suddenly the monster and I were confronted by the anger again.  There was the little man that had raised his hand to her, the little man she had escaped.  His rage was quietened as the monster stepped closer. If I could have heard him I would imagine the little man’s final words to her: “You are free, free to go with this monster but don't come back to me on the day he destroys you.”

The little man left.

I relaxed, there was not going to be another fight.

I danced, I lost myself in dancing.  When I did look for them again they had gone.

Club Androcles is the place to be.



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