Do not trust flatterers

I was the first of our threesome to settle at our regular table in the Playground.  As I sat sipping my pint I wondered if I should be worried that I am always the first, or suspicious that because James and Martha usually came together there was something I was not invited to.  About a quarter way into my pint I decided to count my blessings, to enjoy my pint, to enjoy the company and the stories Martha so regularly told.  With this contented feeling I relaxed and let my eye wander over the pub.  The only thing out of the norm was the Crane sitting on the stool next to Bertrham chatting as if they were best friends.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time as I was distracted by James and Martha entering the pub together, they were a vision of contented friends walking comfortably close to each other for their confidences to be kept private yet without the lust shown in the young lover’s touch.  I hope my future has a friendship such as this in it, sorry, I seemed to have stepped away from my decision to be content with what I have.  James signalled a drink to me, I declined.  Martha came over, she patted my shoulder and sat next to me.  She seemed to still be absorbed in the conversation she had been having with James so I talked about my observation.

“I didn’t know the Crane was friends with Bertrham.”

“Yes, it appears needs must has turned into a friend in need.”

“That is a little cryptic, if I didn’t know you better I would be thinking you have heard a little something that you are not wanting to share with us.”

“Oh Mr Darcy, you are so incorrigible.”

I sat in a sulk until James joined us with the drinks for himself and Martha.

“James, I have to tell you Martha is not playing by the rules.  I suggested she might have a story to tell about the Crane and Bertrham and her response was to flirt with me.”

“Oh Martha, it isn’t true is it?”

“I am afraid so, James.”

“Well I guess there is only one thing to do.”

“I guess it has come to this.”

“Who would have thought.”

Then they sat in silence staring at the Crane and Bertrham at the bar.  It struck me that they had been teasing me all along, they had probably been planning the tease when they walked in with their heads together.

“OK, very funny.  Martha, would you care to delight us with a tale?”

“As it happens, I have been chatting with Morwena and she told me of a rather interesting encounter she had with the Crane and Bertrham.

“You may not know this, and you have no reason to know it, but the Crane is crashing at Bertrham’s at the moment.  The Crane was looking at buying a place, everything was lined up, he gave in his notice at the flat he was renting but then at the last moment it fell through.  To be honest, it wasn’t the last moment, he was being a little reckless when he gave his notice but either way he was left in the lurch.  It was here in the pub that Bertrham offered his sofa bed if the Crane needed a temporary place to stay.

“Now, I am sure you know that the Crane and Morwena have a bit of a casual thing going.   I don’t like the term fuck buddies as it so often is used to sweep over a whole number of sins but for this pair it seems to fit, or perhaps it will do until Mr or Ms Darcy comes along.  Well, the pair of them met the other night, Tuesday.  You may have remembered them being in here together, but possibly not as they left quite early.  Morwena told me it was strange leaving early but they both wanted a fuck and they Bertrham was out for the evening.

“Bertrham’s flat is small, all the rooms are small and all spare spaces are clogged up with the Crane’s stuff.  Morwena was a little put off by the dinginess, though it wasn’t dirty more that it hadn’t been decorated for a very long time.  The Crane first pulled the bed into a sofa then took a shower.  Morwena first sat on the bed watching TV then went into the kitchen to find something to drink.  She found a bottle of white wine in the fridge and called out to the Crane, asking if she could open it.  Instead of answering, the Crane stepped into the room clean and naked.  He took the bottle from her, got down two wine glasses and poured one each.  While he did it Morwena couldn’t help looking down at his shlong, long and thin swaying gently as he went about opening the bottle.  They clinked their glasses and took a sip before the Crane started undressing her, lifting her shirt and undoing her bra.  Morwena was already ready for sex so once he had stripped down her jeans and knickers, she moved away from his tongue approaching her honeypot and set about getting him hard with a little fellatio.  Shortly thereafter she was laying back on the kitchen table with the familiar sensation of his cock inside her.  Very enjoyable, she tells me, long and thin is just the type of cock she likes.  The type of cock she can take in her arse, but this wasn’t a day for anal, this was a day for interruption.  They had changed position, she was leant over the table on her tummy, the Crane taking her from behind when they heard Bertrham’s key in the door.  Together they rushed into the livingroom, jumping under the sheet, cuddling, watching the TV that was still on.

“Lets imagine the scene Bertrham walks in on.  He called out a hi while first going to the kitchen where he finds two wine glasses along with Morwena’s clothes.  He reaches for a mug, pours some of the Crane’s wine in it and tastes it.  Very nice.  The Crane does have good taste.  Well, I think Bertrham is a little like the fox who sees his friend the crow with a juicy piece of cheese in his beak and thinks, if only I can get the crow to sing then I will get my paws on that juicy piece of cheese.

“Forgive me Morwena for characterising you as cheese.

“So, in pursuit of the Morwena cheese, Bertrham tops up the wine glasses and takes them through to the living room.  He hands them over with a: Oh, I love this one, I’ll just hang out here for a minute, don’t let me stop you.  Bertrham sits at the foot of the sofa bed, facing away from the couple at the TV.  He picks up the remote and turns it up.  He must have been tempted to turn and look at the couple but he didn’t.  After a little while Morwena moves her hand down and starts slowly stroking the Crane’s shlong, gettting it hard again.  As it gets hard the Crane pulls the sheet down exposing himself, and a little bit of Morwena.  Bertrham kept his eyes on the TV even when he felt the movement of the sheet.  Morwena kept stroking, she was sure the Crane had dropped the sheet to invite her to take his cock in her mouth.  She did.  When she moved to lean down her foot pushed against Bertrham’s leg.  He looked round at them.  For a moment it was like a rabbit in the headlights, unsure whether to cover herself or to take the Crane in her mouth.  Bertrham’s face broadened into a welcoming smile, he was doing his best to show that he was encouraging them to do what they wanted, not trying to be a voyeur on their action.  Morwena liked his approach, she told me it was the way Bertrham looked back at the TV after smiling that made her relax and start thinking about the possibilities rather than worry about the eventualities.

“Soon she moved from a blowjob into a 69.  Once again Bertrham turned at the movement with the same kind of shy, encouraging smile.  This time Morwena, feeling in control, said: he must look after my needs too.  She was a little embarrassed at the banality of what she said but with a little glance across at the Crane’s mostly hidden face he turned back to the TV which he watched until the next movement.

“Morwena got up on all fours, doggy style was not her favourite but she wanted to keep her fanny facing away from Bertrham, she wasn’t inviting him to fuck her.  Bertrham did the same as he had before, turned and smiled.  This time he asked: I don’t bother you? before turning back to the TV.  The Crane slipped into her, she was even wetter now with the strange situation.  She was now inches away from Bertrham’s face looking at him, her boobs rocking in time with the Crane’s thrusts.  She giggled a little thinking about her knockers rocking and Bertrham looked about again.  She blurted out: I was just thinking of my jiggly bits.  Bertrham smile remained: you are very beautiful.  For the first time his eyes wandered down her body.  Morwena enjoyed him looking at her while the Crane fucked her: you want to join in?

“Morwena thought for a moment he might say no, but after a moment’s thought he said OK.  He stood, stripped off his jeans and boxer shorts and sat back down.  He waited for Morwena to make the next step, which she did.  She leant forward to first fondle his cock, then leant her elbow between his legs to take his cock in her mouth while stroking him.  The Crane followed her forward and they fucked.  Though it was very pleasurable, Morwena was not moving towards and orgasm.  She wanted to be on her back, she wanted the Crane on top of her.  Normally she would have waited for the Crane to lead the change but this time she was in charge.  She rolled away from the Crane, dropping onto her back.  She left Bertrham to play with himself as the Crane lay on her.  She felt that familiar sensation as his cock hit the right spots, the familiar cock, the right spots and she came.  A sudden orgasm with strong contractions causing the Crane to reach his orgasm, to press hard into her the way she loved to come.  As her orgasm floated away she suddenly had a great sense of wellbeing.  She lay naked while the Crane stood to dispose of the condom.  She watched Bertrham masturbate slowly before getting up to go to the toilet.

“She came back to the sofa bed where Bertrham was still slowly stroking his cock.  She lay back, for the first time spreading her legs for him, inviting him to her.  He didn’t take her invitation, perhaps he was unsure of her invitation, perhaps he was unsure of offending the Crane.  Instead he pulled her arm towards him, directing her head to the tip of her cock.  He seemed to want come in her mouth, she held her head there for a while but decided against it and pulled away.  Instead she stroked his balls and he came on his stomach and t-shirt.  She felt thoroughly relaxed, total post coital bliss.  She lay back, spread open to any and all gazes and loved it.  The Crane also seemed relaxed in being naked on the bed but Bertrham slipped back into his boxers before watching the rest of the programme in near silence.

“Funny thing, I never asked what the TV programme was.”

“Wow, now that is what I call getting the cheese.”

We sat in silence looking at the Crane and Bertrham chatting at the bar.  The story wasn’t quite like the fable, after all they had shared the cheese rather than the fox tricking the crow out of it, but I didn’t say anything as I already had made the stupid remark about getting the cheese.