Prepare for the days of necessity

“You know Anthony and Jiminy go to the same gym?”

The two of them were sitting back to back at adjacent tables giving us a profile view of each of them. Jiminy, or Snowy as he was usually called, was louchely inhabiting his chair as if it were his holiday.  His laughter and chatter could be heard above the general hubbub of the Playground, like any good pub at seven the din was already fairly loud.  At that particular moment he leaned back with his hands over his head and pronounced: “Soapy tit wank.”, I can imagine the conversation but I am not sure he should have said it loud enough for us to hear at our usual table.  Ant was certainly a little taken aback and looked sharply round at Snowy’s table, but the conversation at Snowy’’s table had found a new joke.  Quite the opposite to Snowy, Ant protruded erectly from his chair like a roman statue.  Like David in the Accademia, though I haven’t been to Florence for a number of years now I couldn’t imagine either David or Ant being anything other the imposing and beautiful to behold.

“Are you sure Jiminy goes to the gym?”

We always use his full name when talking about him as it is such a ridiculous name for him.  The chubby oaf is quite the opposite to the delicate little cricket that Walt Disney named Jiminy.  

“Oh, sure, he goes to the gym, does a dozen lazy lengths of breaststroke in the pool then spends an hour in the sauna.”  There is a lightness in James’ voice as he says this and I realise he had set me up for the joke.

“It is most enjoyable having a sauna with Jiminy, he always has a laugh and a joke.  But I hear it is more enjoyable taking a sauna with Ant.”

Both James and I remain quiet seeing how long we can stall before we ask Martha to tell her tale.  She will in the end, and we will love it, but as they say, good things…  Instead we watch the strange couple that have become part of our conversation.  Ant is industrious and Snowy hedonistic.; Ant is always busy and Snowy is always chatting.  

I have been to the gym but generally I prefer going to the swimming baths.  The gym has a small pool so you don’t really get a good swim.  The sauna was not for me, it is a small sauna that seems to have been added as an afterthought.  Like a box left unpacked in a spare space at the end of the pool.  I thought I would encourage Martha to see if she would spill the story without actually being asked.

“I heard there were two saunas at the gym but I have only used the one near the pool.”

“Yes, that is the sauna I shared with Jiminy.  The sauna that Ant uses is on the other side of the changing rooms and the showers.  It makes sense to use the other sauna unless, of course, you’ve been swimming.”

“Oh, what is it like?”

“They are very much the same.”

James got bored of my game and, perhaps to stop my fun, asked for the story.

“So, what were you saying about taking a sauna with Ant?”

Martha smiled and paused for a moment.  She looked pleased with herself as she thought about where to begin her tale.

“Well, this afternoon I was taking a most enjoyable sauna with Edie and Jiminy and Jiminy, being Jiminy, turned the conversation round to taking off our towels, oh, just because it is so hot.  Well, we were at the sauna by the pool so Edie and I both were wearing our swimsuits, down go our towels.  I was wearing my black one piece and Edie a white bikini.  Well I guess Edie wanted to liven up Jiminy’s day so she started telling a story about a friend of hers, whom I shall refer to as … Edie.

“The evening before it had just been Edie and Ant working out in the gym, a quiet evening, they hadn’t really talked at all, just listened to their music.  Edie showered and went to sweat in the sauna, she swears it relaxes her muscles and stops them from hurting after a hard workout.  She had nearly finished her sauna when Ant steps through the door.  He is very sweetly coy and perhaps a little embarrassed and asks very politely, like a schoolboy, she said, if he can join her in the sauna.  Of course.  He had probably been waiting for her to finish, she thought.  Or thought she had finished.  She had been watching him working out and she was curious, she wanted to know how toned and muscled his body really was.  So she conversation goes along the lines you would expect: you look like you had a good workoutit was a little harder than usual ..  yes … been working on my legs… Those weren’t the exact words, what she said was while he was talking he was flexing his thigh closest to her so she, naturally, felt how hard it was and, as one does, stroked it a little.  In stroking his thigh she pushed his towel up, and, well, the next thing his semi-stiff cock has lifted the towel a little and poked out.  Ant was terribly embarrassed, flustered really, Sorry, and you made that happen.  Well, Edie wasn’t flustered, but she was quite keen to have another little peek at little Ant who was now neatly tucked away below the towel.  She was well aware they were the only 2 people in the gym so she used the old chestnut: isn’t it hot in here. And drops the towel down to her waist.  Of course, as they are in the other sauna so they were not wearing swimsuits, so when she dropped her towel she exposed her bust.  You don’t mind do you?  She described her breasts as normal, the nipples were a little on the large side, fairly much the same colour as her skin, the left one dropped a little more towards the ground than the right and was a tiny bit smaller: but you would really have to study them to see that.  Poor Jiminy is drooling at the story, his takes it as a preamble to a threesome.  

“Edie moves on to the it is only fair that you join me, she is clever enough not to suggest or invite as she knows there are too many ways to get out of it then.  Well, I suspect that he was still too embarrassed to say no so he loosens the towel but it doesn’t quite drop.  Oh, I will help you with that.  Edie described in detail how helpful she was.  She didn’t actually help him with the towel but it did fall away as she started playing with little Ant.  She wrapped her fingers about it and started stroking it, for a while her heart was in her throat.  She wasn’t sure if he would love it or run away screaming.  She stared down at his pizzle with the purple top stretching as it grew, she was too terrified to look at his face.  Ant was far more sensible asking is it ok for me to touch?  Sure.  His hand caressed her breast, first the left which was closer, then the right.  His fingers were rough on her nipples, scratchy.  They were still a little tender from rubbing against her top when working out.  He pinched her nipples, first one then the other, causing them to stand bold and tight like fudge that is ready to set.  Sorry, strange image, it just came to me.  For a while she was flustered, saying stupid stuff like: do you often have women coming on to you at the gym.  As she said it she regretted it so she did the only thing she could think of to stop the conversation.  She went down on him.  It was nice in her mouth, clean, of course, they had both just showered.  And long enough to get to the back of her throat.  She pushed down as far as she could, not actually deep throating him but so that the head of the cock bumped against the back of her mouth.  She pulled back and she stroked him as she ran her tongue about the portion of his cock that was in her mouth.  His hand moved down from her nipples to her muff.  His fingers lingered in her hair before delving down for her clitoris.  Straight in, direct and immediately intense.  Perhaps it was the rough fingers but probably it was all the tension from the anxiety of making the first move that caused her body to shudder and tense with the pleasure radiating out from her clit.  She gasped and released his cock.  She leaned away from him opening up her legs to his probing fingers.  He licked his finger and ran it about her outer lips, then gently slipped it inside her.  His hand was facing forward allowing him to rub the front wall of her vagina in search of her g-spot, which he found but she didn’t want his finger in her, she wanted his prick.  She pulled and he obliged, with the briefest of rubs along the length of the slit he slid inside her very wet fold, until she completely enclosed him.   He started rocking his hips, rocking and stroking, rocking and stroking in a very consistent way.  Perfect timing.  His body light above her, as if he had no weight himself just his movement against the inner walls of her sex sending sensations about her body while his pubic bone ground into her already ripe and swollen clit.  She came again.  Deeper, calmer, longer.  Not intense like the first orgasm more like waves of steam washing over her body.  She was just calming from her orgasm when he moved her, lifting her bum from the bench and holding her weight with one hand while he quickly pumped in and out.  His come face was so cute, eyes half closed over unseeing eyes, a half smile with a slightly open mouth as if her were about to say oh my fucking god but he didn’t say anything.  They were the most powerful orgasms she had had for quite a while, what she wanted to do was savour them, what she didn’t want was awkward conversation so with a simple word about the amount of time she had already been in the sauna she stood, held her towel in her hand and kissed him before walking out naked to let him enjoy the site of her arse.

“Jiminy gave a laugh and said in no uncertain terms, as we all know Jiminy can, that he was up for a little sauna action.

Oh Snowy, Edie purred, you are not my type.  And she left the sauna.  We watched her leave, towel in hand bikini bottoms rocking from side to side with each step.  He turned to me with a hopeful expression in his eyes but I had to be honest: if you don’t work out, you have to go without.

James and I both chuckled as we looked over at the two men, both of us firmly vowing to go to the gym more regularly.