Try before you trust

Barak was in again last night, sitting at the second best table in Aesop’s Playground, next to Sally, playing the dutiful couple.  They are sometimes a beautiful couple; in the moments they forget their surroundings they are clearly attuned to the other’s thoughts and desires.  But much of the time they spent sitting at their little round table in this the finest pub in South London, they are all-too-conscious of others watching them.  Barak monitors Sally, he sweeps his eyes about the pub to see who is looking at them.  Sally pretends to engage Barak but she too sweeps her eyes about the pub seeing who is looking at them.  Barak is trying to work out which of them is her friends, Sally is trying to work out which of her friends are watching them.  Her friends, including James, Martha and myself, watch while pretending not to.  We want them to be happy, and are pleased they are doing more things together, but, simply put, we miss the Sally who would be up for doing anything silly that is going.  This is a social local, not a meat market.

“Barak’s back.”

I said  it again in my head, I like the sound of the words and wish I could say out loud how I often prefer the simple things to sophisticated wit but ours is the literary table, what with James the author and Martha the storyteller.  I am not as bitter as that last sentence seems, I just sometimes hoped I would be more successful an author, something more than this little blog.

“It is important to relationships to do things together.”

“Yes, James, but it can be a little dull watching them work out what they don’t enjoy doing together.”

I was happy with my response, I am normally not that quick.  I am sure James would have had a great response about how work is work but Martha jumped in with a comment.

“Yes, that reminds me of the rather amusing story Sally told me about one thing they decided they are not going together.”

It was a challenge James and I usually took on together: putting off the moment Martha told the story without seeming rude.  This time I said nothing, and I think James was still wondering if he could chide me without being rude to Martha so we just let her start her story.

“Yeah, Sally said that after their last outing here, which didn’t go that well, they were both left wondering what they could do to bring that frisson of excitement back into their relationship.  Sally said Barak came down from the shower wrapped in a towel with a fancy chilling with Netflix? Sure, why not?  Barak sat on the two seater, probably thinking Sally would cuddle up next to him but instead she sat on the other sofa, looked him from head to toe.  He is a good looking man, he may have an average build but she enjoyed looking at his naked torso, his one leg lifted up onto the sofa sticking out through the towel.  A fine leg all the way from the toes to the testicle partially visible.  She wanted something to go with the mood, something to go with her erotic thoughts.  Visually exciting but with a little story.  For something that had become a euphemism Netflix, it was not obvious how to find something erotic so she resorted to the film that caused such a stir a few years back…”

“Not fifty?”


“Oh dear.”

“It started well, the initial excitement when Barak realised what Sally was searching for caused him to allow his towel to drop away, his cock stiffening slightly as he played with his balls.  When the film started playing Sally quietly slipped off her clothes, one item at a time while watching the screen.  Not in a striptease kind of way but still with anticipation.  Anticipation of doing something a little different with Barak.  Anticipation of a little erotica on screen.  Anticipation of the doors that might open and the changes that might ensue.  What with the difficulties they are going through, Sally thought adding a little danger to the bedroom would be a good way to find a new balance, it would allow Barak to feel his importance in her life, the feeling that had been whittled away by her spending so much of her free time here rather than with him.  And desire thrives on danger and the forbidden.  

“It is not that Sally is lacking in imagination.  We have talked about how being tied up forces you to concentrate only on the physical sensations you are receiving.  She mused it would be quite exciting not to have to think about Barak’s pleasure during sex, not all the time, just, sometimes.  We talked about the similarities in the sensations of pleasure and pain.  She pondered the idea of exploring the physical sensations between the slap and the tickle, she fantasised about a massage that got slightly rougher until she indicated, again and again exploring that border between those opposing states of pleasure and pain.  She reflected on how deprivation of a sense through blindfolds or gags, would concentrate the mind on the other senses.  It was essentially the step they were taking by letting the S&M story unfold while they lay naked on opposite sides of the room.  Barak gently resting his hand near his cock, stroking his inner thighs, running his fingers through his pubic hair.  He only touch his cock when he smiled across at Sally.  And she gently shifting her blanket about allowing different snippets of her nakedness to be exposed.  She only stroked her nipples when Barak suggested it, not that she is a prude, rather that the film plodded along without excitement or insight.

“As the lion once said to the eagle: you got to try before you trust.  I told her next time she happens upon a great idea to shift the tectonic plates of their relationship she must pause and do her research and find something that really is erotic.”

We, all three of us, sat in silence regarding Sally and Barak.  Martha had left an image in my mind of Barak lying naked on one side of the room playing with his balls while Sally lay naked on the other side sliding a silk scarf over her body.

“What a waste of naked erotica.”

Martha looked at me for a moment trying to work out my comment before replying.

“Oh no, they fucked when the movie finished, sensual touching love making.  The point of story was they didn’t have a relationship changing experience, as you can see from their awkwardness.”