This is a collection of small (very close to micro) stories inspired by writing prompts found online and other places.  The stories are in order of writing, they do not follow from one to the next, dip into them at your leisure.

Like everything on this site the cover artwork inspired by the story is for sale.

Message in a Bottle?

It was my first time, though it was anything but a day for firsts.  The weather was mild at best, or perhaps it could be called bleak for that time of year: my summer holiday… Read More…
(2 minutes)

You will be perfect for the jobPerfect for the Job

“You’ll do.”
I smiled at her then made to step round them but the old man stepped across in front of me.
“I said you’ll do.”  Read More…
(3 minutes)

Behind the blue doorBehind the Blue Door

It was a new call.  As always with the new calls George came with me.  He waits in the car and I take my panic button with me.  Well, I always have my panic button, it looks just like a fob on my car keys, just that with the regulars there is no George waiting outside.  Read More…
(5 minutes)

The King is at the Door

Manuel watched him.  The man stood at the door looking away from the door.  His hands behind his back, gently clasped together.  His gaze across the street towards the park, the green parrots flitting between the tall green trees.  Read More…
(3 minutes)

The Kid with the Honey and the Bear

“She is there again. ”
Crimson didn’t say anything.
“The kid with the jar of honey. ”  Read More…
(5 minutes)

Amazing Light

We are there.  Fucking hell, we are there.  I never believed we would get there.  There was always the doormouse behind me, just out of sight, always out of sight, muttering all the ways in which disaster would end our journey.  Read More…
(4 minutes)

The Golden Egg

“Well, this makes it worth it!”
James pushed up next to her to see what she was looking at.  Through the bullrushes, down below was a plunge pool.  Read More…
(8 minutes)

The Time Grinder

I was staring at this woman’s arse when time ground to a halt.  She wore a pair of stripped black and yellow trousers.  Vertical stripes on a stretchy material that made her arse look more like an abstract painting than a human form, all curved lines about a triangle.  Read More…
(4 minutes)

The End of the Rainbow

“Did you know you have all the colours of the rainbow here?”  Read More…
(3 minutes)

Naked Feet Bare Bum

So, this morning I was thinking of writing about something I love to hate, but I decided my story should be about something you love to hate.
Something I love to hate?  Read More…
( 5 minutes)

Magnetic Jessica

“I’ve got magnetic tits.”
“And I have a magnetic dick, time for a soapy tit wank.”  Read More…
(1 minute)


He was a winner.  Standing there, legs outspread, arms aloft soaking in the adulation.  They loved him, at that moment they all loved him, every single one of them.    Read More…
(5 minutes)


It is not like it is on the movies, but I guess nothing really is.  Life isn’t staged as a visual representation of emotions, life is to be lived.  Read More…
(7 minutes)


I wake up confused, indeed even unsure if I have woken.  The bed feels different, familiar and strange at the same time.  It brings back the childhood feeling of falling asleep at my cousin’s house then waking in my own bed.   Read More…
(8 minutes)


She had the saddest eyes in the universe.  Haunted.  Defeated.  Eyes that feared closing, that dreaded closing.
I sat next to her on a park bench one afternoon.   Read More…
(8 minutes)


My god, she was something special.  Every time Jason saw a girl who looked even a little like her his heart went gulp.   Read More…
(4 minutes)

It Ends with the Photo

“I just said it.  I have had enough.”
“Oh come on, Trish.  It is just an idea.“
“A stupid idea.”  Read More…
(3 minutes)

Mrs Tin’s Pies

Bunny carefully loaded her fork with the delicate mango pie, slid it through the pool of cream and lifted it to her mouth.  Read more…

Memories of Travels in Time

Do you remember when the wardrobe was a time machine?  When the most exciting thing was to be the Roman soldier the teacher had been wittering on about for the week before?  Read more…
(2 minutes)

The Resort

The thing that makes travelling so amazing is that I am there.  Other places are just someone’s home, someone’s daily grind.  What I am saying is I am different when I am travelling.  I am open.  I am looking for new experiences. Read more…
(2 minutes)