My god, she was something special.  Every time Jason saw a girl who looked even a little like her his heart went gulp.  It was a medium dark complexion, straight dark brown hair, or fairly straight anyway, a smile and brown eyes.  Brown eyes, it was all about the shape of her brown eyes, that was the little something special that was so important to Jason.  That little something that turned his head. Everyone has a little something that makes people beautiful in their eyes.

Jason looked at the reflection in the shop window, she was still there, following him, perhaps fifty metres behind.
It had taken Jason twenty years to understand why he was so enchanted by that certain shape of eyes.  For most of his life Jason had thought his earliest memory was him flirting with a girl. He was four, she was four, they were at the coast.  He recalled clearly the brilliant weather, the freshly cut lawn, and her, sitting on the grass playing,... Read more...

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