Amazing Light

We are there.  Fucking hell, we are there.  I never believed we would get there.  There was always the doormouse behind me, just out of sight, always out of sight, muttering all the ways in which disaster would end our journey.  I wouldn't have listened to him if the facts hadn't supported his words. We should not be here, nobody gave us any chance of success.

So here we sit, staring out at the strangest vista I have ever laid my eyes on.  Even although I feel like I have taken more mushrooms than Alice and everything is fuzzy from the hookah smoke from that fucking caterpillar, I know this really is the most amazing light that has turned the mundane into the profound.  The vision in front of me is a little like a light show, the light seems to change, ever so subtly across the spectrum then shift back. At the same time it becomes brighter and duller. I don't know if the light is being so miraculously strange inside my head or in... Read more...

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