Cardboard Box

Big fish, little fish, cardboard box flashed through Chloe's mind each time she looked at the corner of cardboard box she could see under her bed.  It was a full second before the worry started, and the box started to grow until it took half the room. Then Chloe had to press against the wall to get to her drawers.  She quickly gathered knickers, tights, t-shirt and jeans. It wasn't the right outfit but she wanted to get out of the room as quickly as possible. She changed in the bathroom, she put her pyjamas in the laundry although she had only worn them once.  She needed make up. She creeped along the wall again, grabbed the basics from her dressing table and returned to the bathroom.

"Come on, are you going to be in there all day?"


She knew what she needed to do.  Talk to Brad. Simple as that. At the party she would first talk to Lizzie, she always talked to Lizzie first.  While she was... Read more...

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