The Wolf and Seven Little Goats

Sam found it difficult to find the word to describe how she felt, the closest she could get was unsettled, somewhere between bemused and anxious.  She tried to remember a time in her life as bizarre as this moment.  She failed.  She kept getting flashes before realising they were moments from books or films. Strange moments like this happened in stories then, if the author was any good, the strange moment fitted into a normal life.  A normal life like Sam’s.   

Sam found herself in this situation because she was a good friend.  Alice had called her asking if she would be able to take her place on a fantasy weekend, when Sam had heard the frustration and anxiety in Alice’s voice she had, without hesitation, said she would do it.  She hadn’t asked any probing questions.  She hadn’t asked any questions at all.  She had simply told Alice, Alice could count on her.  Now she was sitting in an,... Read more...

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