How I met my wife

London 98

My life was drifting along gently pulled by the current that is time. It was as if I was reclining in a hammock bemused by events slipping from view. This was the quiet contemplation I had hoped for in my old age, not at 32!

My twenties had had a drum and bass soundtrack. A constant aggressive beat of work, talk, drink, play, go, go, go. I was an achiever, on my thirtieth birthday I had a new job as a senior marketing manager with a fantastic list and a beautiful girlfriend. Sure we had difficulties but that is what happens when you have been with someone for five years.

Three weeks later she moved out, no ultimatums, no trial separation: a clean slate is what she wanted. Two months later I learned she had moved in with my then best friend. Two years later I needed a jolt to stop the drift, something to force me to take action, take control; that something happened the holiday I met my wife.

Nathan became my best friend after my...

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