Do Not Trust Flatterers

I was the first of our threesome to settle at our regular table in the Playground.  As I sat sipping my pint I wondered if I should be worried that I am always the first, or suspicious that because James and Martha usually came together there was something I was not invited to.  About a quarter way into my pint I decided to count my blessings, to enjoy my pint, to enjoy the company and the stories Martha so regularly told.  With this contented feeling I relaxed and let my eye wander over the pub.  The only thing out of the norm was the Crane sitting on the stool next to Bertrham chatting as if they were best friends.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time as I was distracted by James and Martha entering the pub together, they were a vision of contented friends walking comfortably close to each other for their confidences to be kept private yet without the lust shown in the young lover’s touch.  I hope my future has a friendship such... Read more...

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