Roller Coaster

“You good?”

Until she heard his voice she had thought she was alone.   She turned round, twisting as much as she could, restricted as she was in her seat.  He was slightly plump, a round face with thin hair. The type easily forgotten, but somehow she had a feeling that she knew him.

“I guess.”

“At least we are not too high up.”

She looked over the edge of the car.  Perhaps ten metres, but she knew that when you looked down you always guessed much less than it really was.  She tried to work it out logically, she thought it looked like about the distance down from the second or third floor.  At about two metres a floor that would be much less than ten metres. Maybe even not too high to jump down but she certainly didn’t want to try it.

“Yeah, high enough.”

She didn't know why she said that, she wasn't scared of heights but the man... Read more...

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