Over time I have been inspired to relate erotic thoughts and events – usually I have been compelled to jot something down in a scrap book or just scrap paper.  I will endeavour to find as many of these scraps as I can to put in this story site for your amusement.

I am intrigued by the idea of expanding a thought for the day, moral statement into an irreverent and immoral tale, read my amorals

When I started re-reading fairy tales to my children, I read from an old edition of Grimm’s.  It was fascinating to read the stories that had as much adult content as children’s divergence.  I have penned a few revised old fairy tales, and re-imagined some of the stories in a modern, erotic setting- go to fairytales

How I Met My Wife

There may not be many who can claim a meeting such as this.
(45 minutes)

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The Gardener’s Secret

The things that happen in a secluded nook of the public gardens.
(10 minutes)

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