I have noted down a few of the things that have happened in the Playground lately, mostly I have been writing the stories Martha has been telling James & myself.  Funny thing I notice about Martha’s tales was many of them had morals of a fable quality, so I have titled the tales by the moral (please forgive the few in which I have had to crowbar in a moral with an awkward fit).

Be warned, these stories are not moral, if anything they are amoral.  The stories are of an adult nature, mostly they are about the sexual peccadilloes of my fellow regulars at this fine pub.  Click on that back arrow at the top left corner of your screen if you don’t want to know about the sexual habits of us South Londoners.  On the other hand, if you do wander about and enjoy yourself, please make sure you visit my shop and help support my languid lifestyle.


Better Beans and Bacon in Peace than Cake and Ale in Fear

I noticed, when I sauntered into the Playground in the casual, debonair manner I like to effect, that Edie and Ant were sitting in the small booth hidden behind the door.
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Do Not Trust Flatterers

I was the first of our threesome to settle at our regular table in the Playground.  As I sat sipping my pint I wondered if I should be worried that I am always the first, or suspicious that because James and Martha usually came together there was something I was not invited to.
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 Prepare for the Days of Necessity

“You know Anthony and Jiminy go to the same gym?”

The two of them were sitting back to back at adjacent tables giving us a profile view of each of them. Jiminy, or Snowy as he was usually called, was louchely inhabiting his chair as if it were his holiday.
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 Try Before You Trust

Barak was in again last night, sitting at the second best table in Aesop’s Playground, next to Sally, playing the dutiful couple.  They are sometimes a beautiful couple; in the moments they forget their surroundings they are clearly attuned to the other’s thoughts and desires.
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Precious Things are for Those Who Prize Them

Cat sat alone again, I thought of the time she had undressed for me in my mind.  I loved the way she was so open to my imaginings, somehow so much more open than anyone else.
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