A look back at the daily sketches I made with a little hindsight of a UK lockdown timeline.

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It was a twinge, a note to bring it closer than the Seven Degrees of Kevin.  I may not have voted for them but they were still our leaders, my leaders.  They were the ones on screen making anouncements.  I was the one lying on my bed absorbing the decisions when it fitted between Netflx and Pornhub.

They were sick, they had caught it, their display of lack of concern had come back to bite them.  They were struck down.  Taken to bed.  Taken to hospital.  

They will be fine.  They will have the finest medical care.

It wasn't their health that worried me, nor was it the competance of the monkeys left grinding the organs of government, it was that degree of separation.  They were a lot more successful that I but they were the same age as me.  Approximately.

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