The StoryDots Collections


A tale of the lone and the lonely.

The Empty Bench
An empty bench where she watches the ferry.

Twenty Years Ago
BYRRD :: 007 In which I talk about how we met, twenty years ago and read a book.

Ten Years Ago
BYRRD 014 :: Where

Walk Away
BYRRD 017 :: A thought about how things were.

BYRRD 019 :: the bookseller sneers

BYRRD 021 :: Bevin comes to town.

Drinking and Swimming
A symbolic image of skinny-dipping

The Bench
A woman alone on a bench

Rain and cold, but the lake is not bad in winter

The Harbour Wall
A sheltered area down below the harbour wall

Listening to an argument, perhaps posed with dialogue

Chaos and mess and cleaning products

Late Night Routines
Slipping past them, in the dark

Alone Again, Or
He leaves but she remains, continues her vigil

Intimate and Injury
A movement between images of voyeur and disturbia

An interlude, imagery of strangers and friends

Intimate and erotic images bordering the pornography of the mind

Time alone
A set of the same sketch drawn in more and more detail

Observations and suspicions, many small dark images

Fantasy Finished
Images of saying goodbye, departure

Stark images, blunt, seperate

Hiking to the City
Packing, boxes, backpacks and hiking

Scenes from the destruction that remains

Repeating the imagery from the beginning of the story redone, with the new detail from the learned story

An invalid takes the help they are given

Comfortable string of pictures

The Story
A complex set of sketches, and doodles

Ms Byrrd
Just simple lines, simple drawing

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