A tale of the lone and the lonely.


Hiking to the City

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Bevin, the artist and the writer had stayed until the spring, until the end of their short lease.  They continued the same lifestyle, though they seldom partied at the harbour.  If the weather was clear they would go to the lake, otherwise they stayed in either their cottage or hers.  In that time none of them took the ferry to visit her in the hospital or the rehab.  At the end of the stay they packed their possessions into crates, put the on the ferry and left on foot to hike through the hills to the city.  Most tourists hike from the city to us, with a break at the end of their walk; some hike from us to the city.  It is a three day hike with mountain huts for the nights.  Hikers need to book beds in the huts, but in the spring there are usually enough beds to just show up.

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