I like to start the day with a sketch which I post on and with #thedailysketch. This collection is of my sketches I would like to add a few words to, and also ideas I might sketch in the future.

Notes to Self


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Ideas from stories or sentences captured randomly converted into image or a collage with the help of a search engine.

Far away

The feeling of the year, this and the last.

Our Country

Our country is a project dedicated to preserving the power of the privileged few.

Another Word

And when the page is turned there is but one word.  A word so difficult it takes longer to understand than a whole page of other words.  And only when the reader hears the word as it was whispered to, or was it by, that wolf in the snow forest, that cold winter when all the wild animals froze to death.  Only then will the reader understand.

But the reader was long gone, an eye slipping past the letters and dismissing them as a waste of that most important aspect of entertainment.


Become a great reader, it will help you cope with the strangeness of days.

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