I like to start the day with a sketch which I post on and with #thedailysketch. This collection is of my sketches I would like to add a few words to, and also ideas I might sketch in the future.



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Art takes ideas, combines and works them and presents them back to the viewer.  I am interested in the use of images, patterns, text and symbol on social media particularly as viewed on the mobile phone.

Watching the Voyeur

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The attention of the model is distracted. Is the model sharing a moment with the viewer, or has the model disregarded the viewer, or is the model leading the viewer, ...?

Take a bird, a bird of Twitter, maybe, and it will be in profile. Or an elephant, that is in profile too.  Or a zebra.  Even a dik dik.  I wonder what profile I will use.

Monstrous Nude

Take a couple and exaggerate some of their features, say, represent their mouths as shark mouths.

Naked Kiss

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Describe the passion, the lust with an exageration, for all.

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Emotional Journeys

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