Short stories and poems based on writing prompts, sometimes just the prompt. These stories vary in length and quality, but throughout every story I have strived to entertain though the quality of the writing does vary.


The End of the Rainbow

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“Did you know you have all the colours of the rainbow here?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“So, I am going to tell you a secret.”

“Really, you still have secrets I don’t know about?”


“I hope that is a joke because me lying naked on your bed is not the time for that conversation.”

“Yah, yah.  Not that kind of secret, more like a solution to an old wives tale.”

“That tickles.”

“You have to suffer for my art!”

“What a crock of rubbish, name me an artist that suffered for the sake of their art.”

“Um, which of these two is more orange?  Um, now keep your belly still.  How about Van Gogh.”

“A foolish, amateur suggestion.  Did Van Gogh's mental illness hinder or help his art?  Sure, there is a lot of myth about Van Gogh, genius and despair, but none of it is substantiated… mmn…  that's nice baby, just gently strokes.  Making me tingle, like, all over… back a bit… hey, why ya stop?”

“Artistic integrity, babe, can't just doodle on your body for your pleasure.”

“I cannot think of any better reason.  Cool, that is good.  You are zoning in on the sweet spot.”

“Do you have another yellow, this one doesn't really show up on your skin.”

“There should be a couple yellows in there, you should find one that works.  None would show up on your skin, though.”

“That is why you are my canvas.”

“So what is it you're drawing?”

“A rainbow.  You're right, this yellow is showing up.”

“Yellow is my favourite because you have had to go over it again and again. And the more you colour the closer you get to the sensitive spot.”


“You tease.”

“You like it when I make you wait.  You like it when I linger.”

“You know me so well, baby.  Ok, that feels like green now, a little cooler, a little more natural.”

“Don't take the piss or I will stop right now.  And you can go home.”

“Sorry, tell me about the secret.”

“So, you know how there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

“Yes, so you are drawing a rainbow on me but I don't get it, there is nothing at either of the ends.”

“Well, you know how there can be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because you can never reach the end of the rainbow.  The more you walk in the direction of the rainbow, the further away the rainbow appears?”

“Mmn, I think blue might be my favourite colour, that colouring you are doing now feels fine, real fine.”

“So, what I realised it is simple maths, I can find you the pot of gold, babe.  If you want it?”

"Oh, yes, baby, I want it!”

“Concentrate now, this is the science bit.  So, I have the purple marker and you can feel I am making a tighter and tighter circle, smaller and smaller.  That is all you got to do, you make the rainbow small enough, then you can lean over like this and grab hold of the gold.”

“Oh yes, stroke my gold, baby, stroke it.”

“Or maybe you could lean down and lick it.”

"Oh yea, that feels so nice. Suck it baby.  Suck it.  Oh yeas, all the playing you have done was so good.  Oh yes.  I am going to come.  Oh baby.  Yes.”

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