I like to start the day with a sketch which I post on and with #thedailysketch. This collection is of my sketches I would like to add a few words to, and also ideas I might sketch in the future.

The StoryDots Collections


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Change is always a thing to draw about, this has been a change in my day and a change in my art.


A head

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I sketched many pictures of bodies with strange heads, but most of these were not to do with masks or Covid


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Sometimes I changed the proportions, in the lockdowns I repeatedly used this idea as the strange was the lockdown normal


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In the lockdown I came back to this idea regularly - the idea of obscuring the portrait with shapes and symbols.  Like lockdown 

Strange to bizarre

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Many of my sketches are just strange, but often they are strange because they reflect the strange, strange lockdown world


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How bizarre it is meeting a person with half their face masked, then, later, it is like meeting a new person when their looks are completely altered with the revelation of their face.

How much

And as we all disappeared into our devices can you tell me how much of your mind and memory have you wasted looking at this picture, 27 grams?

Isolation Papers

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I drew a lot of pictures reflecting the isolation, single figures or pairs, mostly pairs.  I don't know how they became the isolation papers but once they had their name they grew to form a real thing. 2020


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It was so strange learning how to be together again after our months of solitude.  Learning the new rules of interaction.



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