I like to start the day with a sketch which I post on and with #thedailysketch. This collection is of my sketches I would like to add a few words to, and also ideas I might sketch in the future.

Emotional Journeys

Notes to Self

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Ideas, inspirations and other notes to work on in the future.

The Modern and the Surreal

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How about combining the surreal imagery of Dali with the modern world? With the surreal things we find ourselves surrounded by. And perhaps we too could have a little bit of a smile, or even a laugh at the rediculousness we have carved out for ourselves in thins modern world.

Minimum Wage

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I will work on a series of portraits based on people doing the job they do at minimum wage, I will carefully keep a record of the time it takes me to make the artwork and sell it at the hourly rate for minimum wage.

If you earn minimum wage, send me a selfie of you at work and I will consider it as a source for an artwork.

Detail in Colour

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Drawings can concentrate detail, and focus, on minor parts of the vista, but what part of the vista should the colour concentrate the eye? Should it be on the part we look at the most, the detail always seen, like the eyes in a portrait. Or should it be the detail that is a little sinister, like a tattoo? Or should it be an arbitrary detail, like a vase with no flowers?

Where, oh where to begin? First, the eye, then the abstract detail, I think.

Why all this Malarky

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To keep what is vital from being lost, the moment of the mind, the found and the imagined and the thought. I so want to capture that thought in a way to show it is indeed vital.

Masks not Portrait

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A series of pictures based on the clothes people wear including virus masks but the clothes are filled with other things such as plants, or animals, anything. The clothes including masks are a sculptural remnant of society.


In the Cube

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A series of pictures of people examining empty squares, empty spaces where the pictures should hang on the wall. The important point is the pictures are blank and being examined .

Blank not Blank

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Works of outlined forms with minimal or even no colouring, much like many of my works, with backgrounds based on abstract photos taken on walks in London, perhaps with coordinates as the title, or subtitle.


Like a Russian Doll

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You can only see the smaller doll by opening the big doll, a long time ago I wanted to give the viewer a choice between works but unlike the Russian dolls they could not be put back together again. This time I will simply explore the idea of pictures within pictures.

Hold On

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The things we hold, the things we carry. I would like to draw a series of paintings based on the things we carry from the mundane to the absurd.

Find the Eyes

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Much like the cross of tape used to hide the nipples, the eyes can be hidden by crosses, but perhaps this should be balanced by beautifully drawn hands, which expresses other.

on books

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I have two sides to my table, one for drawing one for books. I love books, or more accurately I love stories and am particularly impressed with the authorial skill to put a complex story onto paper. Their own creative, original story in print. I particularly admire books because until the editor gets involved it is just the author struggling against the story.

And as Rankin said: books are for everyone.

Great Ideas Everywhere

I would like to explore straplines and catch phrases out of context, take the strapline simply as a phrase without a product and build an image about those words.

Losing Self

Keeping only limited detail, an eye, maybe, and an ear, possibly, with a hint of clothes and an abstract, watercolour painterly effect to fill in the gaps, the gaps in our lives we have lost.

Testing the Machine

So, perhaps it is a good thing to push this biological machine that I call my body, that, perhaps, I call my self, to fatigue to remind myself that my body is just a biological machine.  But why would any machine exist that little more but stare out of the window of its privilage and wonder about its own existence?

Factory Setting

Just like an illustration found in a book, based on an actual image, then sketched.


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One obsession is the bicycle, the beauty lies in the simplicity in its efficienct conversion of human power to travelling distances.  Great distances.

Good Paint

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Using notes and instructions in the painting that refer to techniques and the quality of the paints. This should be an experiment to develop the use of instruction that I am comfortable with.




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